Ustc rewards tax

Why not put a 100% tax on Ustc (and other stables) rewards?

This would help decrease supply which would help bring Ustc back to 1$ faster. As someone who is staking Lunc I’m more than happy to sacrifice those rewards and I’m sure that majority is prepared to the same.

Faster we get Ustc to 1$ faster ecosystem will be back to normal. Which will reflect on Lunc price.


Wait what? Is the 100% tax something other than it sounds?
100% tax? You do realize that there’s no point in trading it then? No matter if you buy or sell - you lose all you are trading due to 100% tax.

You mean something like this?

Tax 100% for ustc rewards = burn oracle ustc. This is good idea.

I am sure many people count the USTC rewards as part of the total rewards they receive from staking, not just the LUNC itself. If you eliminate the USTC rewards completely the incentive to stake goes down dramatically and fewer people will stake.

Agree. Burn it!