USTC Test Environment

A cause for no special deliberation, with an outright YES to commence proceedings without unnecessary delays

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Hello :wave: funds will be utilized as well as a budget is needed for this, he states it clearly however correct he is not asking it directly and that is exactly my point as the plan is to utilize from existing funding however if that is the case you run into the allocation of funds debacle in how the funds will be distributed and for the what purposes they will be utilized and that is something we need to be clear about is just a matter of transparency and a common business practice. Before we move further for any project we need to know what exactly it entails and what sort of funding is required. Making plans without the knowledge of how much time and money will be spent on this is irresponsible on any persons behalf as is just a basic business practice. I hope the clears your confusion as to what I was referring to.


It’s a yes from me, USTC is the missing link to fire everthing back up


Yes from me as well.

If the community is serious about the repeg , this is necessary imo. No matter what proposal or approach is going to be followed it will need the support of the CEX’s.

Its one thing to show them a text proposal (idea on paper) and its a completely different story to send them a fully tested implementation backed up by data with all the safety mechanisms and stress tests already done.

Good luck!


YES from me!!!

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I vote Yes to the Repeg

It’s a YES from my side :+1:

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Why not.

Yes definitely

Yes with veto! :sunglasses:

100% yes.

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everything in order. go on. Time USTC revival.

I vote Yes


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Impossible with distribution.

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Getting confused there, Shekelstein?

It’d be nice if you could spend even 1 day without being dishonest, @Tonu_Magi.

Redline made it clear he doesn’t want the community to spend any money on the repeg initiative until Binance and the other CEXs agree to it. And that includes funding Steve for Q3 to supposedly “work on a repeg plan”. If/when the repeg gets past CEX approval then props can be put up discussing how to best approach the situation, but until that happens Steve should f*ck off from trying to slide into Q3 on Redline’s back.

I know you read the entire convo in Terrarium, Don, but you chose to post only a single screencap that skews the narrative. Why do you always do this? Why do you try and twist the truth to fanboy for TGF? And why are you so intent on supporting an obvious grifter like Steve to the point you want him to steal even more money from the LUNC community?

Do better!


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