Utility by burning LUNC| JOIN US!

DFlunc Protocol is a project try to bring utility to LUNA CLASSIC Chain by burning LUNC.

Here is the Litepaper.

Check it out.


Very interesting project. I am very interested. When will it be online?

Follow us on twitter for details. More info will update.


This project looks really good I am very interested when will this project be live

I like your projects very much. I want to understand the details of the details?

Interesting project, I am very interested. I will follow you on TG and Twitter and look forward to your updates.

After reading the introduction, it is indeed a good project. Looking forward to your launch, I will keep an eye on you at any time

I hope that such a project can make my LUNC one of the top ten coins~ NICE!

I have seen similar projects in other places, but this project has been optimized more and I believe it will be very successful because in my opinion, other projects have achieved good results. So now I want to know how to participate?

It feels good, very interesting, pay attention to it first, and look forward to going online

thanks…but all the comments are from people who joined agora today… :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Ya this does not seem real. Might be an idea right now.

ITS REAL. DAPP will lanunch next week

Fine. Let us know when it is launched. We will be waiting for it.

we will announce the date on twitter.

I read it in a telegram

Dapp will launch on 14:00(UTC) 28th Apr.

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Please provide link here after launch.

Sure. Will update on Twitter as well

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We finally launched our Dapp
check it out!

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