Verifiers Represent Us?

Even if the right thing is done, for people who voted no or abstained for the sake of pure interest A solution must be found …I propose a system that states why EVERYONE says no or abstains. Verifiers Represent Us ?
Go into detail on how this proposal will help tackle or resolve the issue.
Lay out the action items in clear terms with defined time lines

I don’t know if there’s much desire to talk about this topic, but I think it’s important to have a debate about it. Really, I think it’s important.

If you’re talking about validators, then no, they don’t give a shit about anything but their earnings… which they dumpp periodically thus further depressing LUNC price. Meanwhile they shill and gaslight their stakers into holding, lmao. This chain is beyond fucked.

Validators have literally 0 accountability. Most even refuse to vote on non-TGF props at all.


i think some validators state their reason on twitter. but yeah it would be a good idea.
so that all reasons will be on record and let the stakers gauge on whether their current validators still align on their vision for this chain.

Validators are all having self interest-hence they dont vote or vote no on most proposals related to controlling supply(burns) or bringing cexs on board by incentivizing them.

They keep getting LUNC for running their node and TBH,I think they benefit from no price rise and staking percentage increasing.
An example is here, where most validators are sleeping/have different plans:

Well that’s a misconception.
If the price falls, so does the monetary fiat equivalent value validators receive.
Thus most of the validators run their nodes out of pocket.

Staking % to their node will give them more LUNC and USTC+other stables, yes, but if the asset price falls - so does the monetary value.

And OP is finite. Less there is in OP, less they receive.

For example, we voted for the ustc repeg proposal at least 10 times, the result was passed?? no one knows … frankly you give money and the people you give money need to explain to you … I did this and it is progressing … VERY INTERESTING WHO IS DOING WHAT VOTES FOR WHAT HOW THE VOTES ARE PASSING … ANSWER 0

I mean, you can see it on Station? What do you mean no one knows?

There hasn’t been 10 proposals. There were Ziggy signals and final was voted out. There was 4shaw prop that got voted out. And currently we have RedlineDrifters repeg that has been voted in.
Last information is that about 10 CEX/Dexes have been in contact with and none have said no. Details are in their infra being capable of handling it and TC L1 needing to do some adjustments.
Will it succeed or not - time will tell.
I haven’t seen your proposals nor anything related, so i assume you are also like me - doing nothing, but having an opinion based on the information we have gathered.


That’s not what I mean … You have a work schedule …
1 submitted for approval
If it passes 2 approvals, this is done (we are progressing and investors should be informed about what is being done… zigyy has no suggestions around… zigyy also fell silent. all other colleagues should be transparent… everything goes on behind closed doors… YOU #LUNC THIS is because of arguments and confusion I’m not badly hurt ?? … I believe the validators no longer represent us

Nobody owns TC. No masters. No owners. I have no work schedule related to TC. Neither do you. Neither does anyone, except for L1.

You can believe in whatever you choose to. None of my concern.

This is vague. We need a full in depth explanation of a break down of this system, other wise this proposal is a waste of time.