Very Simple, Yet Effective Plan to revive Lunc and USTC

In times of great difficulty, sometimes simple solutions work much better then all the complex proposals combined.

Time to bring all the community together for the grater good of revival of LUNC and USTC, right now the community looks divided and although I have seen a lot of great Proposals from Redline, Jesus, Afzal, I see them all trying to revive Lunc, even though they might not agree with each other, all of them are like true leaders, who have not given hope, who are still in it. So I would like the entire Lunc community to come together and discuss this proposal, I am not a technical person, neither I am an expert of any Blockchain, I am just a Holder like you who wants Lunc and USTC to do better. So please take your time and try to crunch numbers and see if this makes sense, and feel free to pass it to governance if anyone believes it will work.

Some points to consider:

  1. People should be able to delegate to whoever they want and there should be no restriction on the same
  2. However all validators should have a fair playing field, right now 0% commission is hurting nobody else but the Lunc and USTC holders. Need a fair playing field.
  3. Bring utility to Lunc and USTC ( app development)
  4. Burn Lunc

My proposal is very simple we need to have Utility on chain as well as burns to revive the Lunc and USTC, I have seen many arguments that utility is better and others say Burn is better and then I have seen people with vested interest who have grown so powerful that they are abusing the power for vested interest.

Please note that this proposal has been circulated earlier and passed but not yet implemented, I only wish to add small modifications to it

Every validator commission to go to minimum 7%-10% (whatever is best ) and they can set higher if they want, and 30% of the commissions must be sent to burn address next 30% should go for app development and rest should be upto the validator on how he wishes to spend it. get this proposal approved by community ( if the community agrees with it) the validators who do not comply.

Simple yet effective.


no with veto, don´t touch rewards. This will do nothing to the overall supply

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Your plan does not make sense, you propose to take more or less incineration tax from lunc owners who already burn lunc in one way or another, and this is not fair, since the bulk of coins are located and traded on exchanges, and all these coins do not participate in burning.
I repeat again, this is not fair!!!
I propose to force all exchanges (by any means, up to blocking the address) to abandon the MEMO label and each account on the exchange should be linked to a real address in the lunc blockchain.
If this plan of mine is implemented, then there will be no need to argue with exchanges, and all transactions on exchanges will take place in the blockchain and will be subject to burning, and the lunc community will be able to change the percentage of burning, if necessary, regardless of the consent or disagreement of the exchanges.

your idea is welcome, Sure if that could be done this would be even better, as I said its not about my idea or your idea, Its about what we as community can come up with the best idea, the main thing here is to learn to work together as team, cheers


you know that we ‘validators’ are running at lost…???

We know this problem, if the lunc community together makes the right and successful decisions, then after a while your efforts will be fully rewarded. But so far the problem is that there are no proposals that can really qualitatively change the situation for the better.

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what do you all think of this theory……

Luna validators can run the Mirror node software to participate in the validation and governance of the Mirror Protocol.

To run a Mirror node, validators must follow these general steps:

  1. Set up a server: Validators must set up a server that meets the minimum hardware and software requirements to run a Mirror node. These requirements include a certain amount of RAM, disk space, and processing power, as well as the ability to run the required software.

  2. Install the Mirror node software: Validators must install the Mirror node software on their server, which is responsible for processing transactions and participating in consensus. The software is open-source and can be downloaded from the Mirror Protocol repository on GitHub.

  3. Configure the node: Validators must configure their Mirror node according to their preferences and the requirements of the network. This involves setting up the node’s network connection, choosing which assets to track, and setting up any additional security measures.

  4. Start the node: Once the node is configured, validators can start the Mirror node software and begin participating in the validation and governance of the Mirror Protocol. Validators who run Mirror nodes can earn rewards for their efforts, including transaction fees and block rewards.

In summary, Luna validators can run the Mirror node software to participate in the validation and governance of the Mirror Protocol by setting up a server, installing the Mirror node software, configuring the node, and starting the node. Running a Mirror node allows validators to contribute to the validation and governance of the protocol while earning rewards for their efforts.

LUNA VALIDATORS LOL looks like you, wormhole mirror binance and kleros may have something to answer to…not sure yet… would like opinion….

DFLUNC Validator, they have burnt 1B Lunc, I have joined them, they asked me to burn 1 DFC and pay them fee of 164200 Lunc

Post that they have given me rewards of 1700 Lunc in a matter of few hours. Also please check the screen shot for reward pool of USTC.


Introducing the DFLunc Protocol

Twitter and telegram


  2. [3:55 PM]


you must be weak in math

You must be weak in braincells

thats what I meant in my post, We should all come together, we are not able to get along, you see my point now, what you and sun did in my thread?


Why CEX these ultimatums? They’ll take Lunc off the market, and that’s it. Have you considered this option?

Good. Maybe you’ll get off your ass and do something about Allnodes getting $30,000/month from LUNC.


dear nikolson

there is no CEX ultimatum in this thread so far