Views on taxes and burns

Funds and supply-demand are the two major problems that need to be solved urgently.
LUNC will be take off as long as one of them has been solved.
As we kwon there is no fund to burn by buyback, so it had only one choice—— Solve relationship between supply and demand by taxes & burn!
Of course, the legal governance of community and the operation of blockchain are also necessary conditions——We need support!
We believe the new team knows their working focus , even they will add NFTs, sports betting, games…

Buyback & Burn———-No money no talk
Taxes & Burn—————Adjust to supply and demand as a last step!!

Well !plz give the community a bright idea!

If LUNC has a large of fund capital reserves, suppose more than 80,000 BTC will be returned safely. What a joy directly to buyback to burn from the market! but no funding to make it happen! only be done through taxes generated on per transactions, including pay off USTC debt, in the end anchor at 1💲.