Vision Plan to achieve $1+ LUNC

In my opinion, people who are obsessed with lunc become 1$ in a short time with a burning narrative, you should try a psychiatrist, maybe your soul is disturbed because your expectations are not what you want. burn narrative in my opinion is deprecated needed nowadays parity with ibc, make lunc network compatible, thus attracting other developers and dapps to lunc chain, so that this block chain is functional and useful for exchange. if you are confident and capable why not create your own blockchain, start inviting your delegates or individuals to create chains. Or is there another way? Wasn’t there a cex in the past that offered a 1.2% tax burn? why don’t you guys trade massively there. I think the 1.2% tax narrative is outdated. My suggestion is that you try to go to a psychiatrist in your country. Maybe you have a serious mental disorder. :fu::clown_face::poop:

I support the initial 1.2% tax. I have no idea why it was even removed and only after 3 weeks???

Why are there trolls saying the tax impacted volume and prevented utilities? The tax was only active for approx 3 weeks. What utilities have we adopted/developed in approx.1 year since the crash?

Since the removal of the 1.2% tax we have minted coins, betrayed Binance resulting in the Binance reducing burns by 50%, created a questionable casino and now a scam pull with Terraport?

None of this benefits LUNC, where are these so called utilities? Please, genuine question?

The 1.2% tax created a rally in a bear market, but now with bitcoin reaching 31K we are back to were we were before the tax lol.

Look at LUNC’s trading volume since tax reduction. Day traders and scalpers moved on. Only reason we had massive increase in LUNC trading in August, was because of the Idea that we would BURN the supply down quickly.

With the tax reduction, the result has been underwhelming to say the least. If you think people will just put $$ millions in LUNC because of some DAPPS and GAMES, I don’t know what to say to you people.

SHIBA INU is one of the most well known token with real world use Utilities. SHIB is right up there with BTC, BNB and ETH incase of actual use case. Why is SHIB still so cheap? Because its supply is somewhat unlimited. They got all these “dapps and games and utilities” but still stuck at .00001 . LUNC is the next underperforming SHIB. IF we don’t show investors we are not burning the supply down and just relying on some “utilities” to pop up. Pure HOPIUM.

We have the ability to implement both a tax and to exempt dapps from on chain tax which would bring these so called utilites to the chain. It is a compromise for both sides., as we can raise taxes while also providing exemptions for dapps which in turn will decrease supply and increase price.


It’s important that the full scope of the plan is put forward in the correct manner. Each individual piece put up on its own without the overarching plan is not what I am proposing, and is not what the proposals that came before were proposing.

I put a prop (my only prop to vote) for a 75/25% tax split. This was rejected. My proposal here is a 80/20% split so a more slight adjustment so is not the same. An unknown community member put up a text proposal for a 1.2% tax which was rejected, but was not a parameter change or the same as my plan or referring to my plan or its overarching goal.

That said I am considering the exact method of proceeding to governance. My current approach is this:

  1. Text proposal of the Vision Plan as I laid out in the flowchart. This gives the overall plan, each step, authorises L1 to contribute as I specified with the private list, offering incentives to exchanges etc. If the community agrees, the necessary proposals will follow. That’s 1M to put that up.

Then these 3 proposals will be put up simultaneously as (1/3), (2/3), (3/3):

(1/3) - Parameter change proposal to adjust on-chain tax to 1.5%.

(2/3) - Parameter change proposal to adjust tax split to 80/20% from 90/10%.

(3/3) - Text proposal to exempt/whitelist dapps as dfunk has already proposed.

That’s 4 governance proposals (4M LUNC) which I am all too happy to fund myself.

I need community support to proceed to vote. I don’t want to go to vote and not even make quorum. So for now I am sharing the Vision Plan for people to consider it. When I feel it’s ready I plan to put the signalling text proposal first. If this passes the other proposals follow. If it fails I will wait longer and consider when to try again.

If my proposals pass I ask for a united community effort for 6 months to achieve the goal of 1.2% tax off-chain on major exchanges. If people did not agree or voted against the plan, I ask them to keep their peace for 6 months and help as they can so we can fully give all our efforts to achieve the Vision Plan. If we succeed together as a community LUNC will be on a sure path to $1+, we will see huge burns, volume and positive price movement.

As for my role as soon as my proposal passes I will take full responsibility for its implementation. I will work with whoever is necessary to complete the task, the L1 Team, assist in whatever way I can and report back to the community on progress. I ask the community to help in whatever way possible as to succeed it will be a community effort.

Wagner, the dapps will be tax exempted so won’t be driven away. LUNC uses are free to use their services tax free so they won’t be hit by the 1.5% tax. They are actually incentivised to come because they will be paying less tax than the current situation (0.2%).

I will assist in whatever way possible, but we need to have the tax on-chain first. The L1 Team are elected representatives of LUNC they can also answer any technical questions from the exchanges regarding implementation of their wallet whitelisting and deposit tax exemption. The same way Ed worked with Binance for their whitelisting. We need a structured approach exactly how I laid out in the plan, with the list of exchanges who agree kept private until we achieve consensus. The L1 Team was chosen for these reasons, and I will assist in any way I can.

I have looked into it and prepared a list of exchanges before by volume, but that was looking from Coinmarketcap and I don’t know how reliable the volumes are. But at least top 20 can be reached out, I can work with the L1 Team on that, as I will help wherever necessary.

Binance has signalled hesitancy that if they launched the 1.2% people would leave their exchange to trade on a cheaper platform. The simultaneous launch makes sure the top participating exchanges are all in agreement before launch and reduces pressure they would feel that people would leave their exchange. Their peer exchanges are also agreeing so they all take the step together. This is also why in my plan we whitelist deposits to their exchange if possible so if anything they will receive more deposit volume. It’s important to follow my plan exactly as we need to get consensus of agreeing exchanges, then before simultaneous launch pass governance to whitelist participating exchanges specified wallets.

No it’s not. The 1.2% tax got a 3 week run before the scam proposal to drop to 0.2% passed. We’ve had 6 months on 0.2% waiting for dapps and utility and volume with ZERO RESULTS. Your plan is terrible. My plan is excellent. LUNC to $1+ is absolutely achievable with my plan. Maybe you should read it.


@Kryptobia We have to have the tax on-chain first for exchanges to take us seriously, as CZ said in the past (see the OP of the thread). We also need a signalling prop for governance passed to pursue the plan which signals to exchanges we are serious (see above post for proposals). We need to be united as a community behind the push, not just one person. I have carefully considered my Vision Plan and I believe it is achievable. When we raise our on-chain tax they will take notice as unless they are whitelisted their internal wallets will receive the higher 1.5% tax. I have detailed the plan. See my Vision Plan flowchart which I will post here again, where I have detailed the exact method we can accomplish the goal of the 1.2% burn tax off-chain.

I believe this plan is the right plan for LUNC’s revival to $1+ as God has led me and I believe it is achievable, so I am continuing to advocate for fully exploring off-chain burns as a community together.

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I know what cz said, and he also said whales will never trade with tax.

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It would be nice to dedicate the heads of CEX to this plan. Make sure there are no surprises.
A risky business, of course. But I believe in an increase in turnover and activity of buyers after the introduction of the tax on combustion. Especially after your information about the presence of large stocks of Lunc at CEX.

They will because of my plan will get a coalition of major exchanges to apply the 1.2% burn tax. This prevents most of the whale flight. Plus with the 1.2% burn tax in place there will be billion plus LUNC burns each day with huge volume and price rises, any trader whale will trade that volatility. My plan is to convince exchanges, it’s not to make trading whales who don’t hold LUNC great again. They will benefit from the price action but the plan is primarily to benefit LUNC investors.

@nikolson41075 Yes part of the plan is we achieve private consensus of major exchanges before the launch so one exchange does not have to step out alone.

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We are not going to trade paying that type of tax :whale2:

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If the movement within the day is 5-10%, there will be those who wish.

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The off-chain is unaffected until the 1.2% burn tax is accepted on major exchanges. Then when LUNC is going up multiple times you aren’t going to trade that? Traders go where there is volatility. I’m not trading I’m buying as much as I can and holding for the longer term prices. 1.2% tax will be nothing for traders with what LUNC will do if we succeed in getting the 1.2% off-chain.

LUNC will be massively pumping and with huge volumes, I don’t know why you are concerned about trading whales over investors. If we can convince exchanges to do the 1.2% we are on a certain path to $1+. I don’t know how people think that’s a bad thing.


Why are we talking about the problem of paying 1.2% tax, when we know that this will send the price sky high. Anyone who wants to take part in the new LUNC rise will most likely pay 1.2%, but it must be charged everywhere - so it cannot be avoided.
At the end of the day, it is meaningless to talk about 1.2% because the volatility itself can be +/- 5 or even more % per day and we are used to this with any coin (it is crypto !!!)… +/- 1.2% or more you can got everyday without tax, so where is the problem? … But 1.2% burn tax is some kind of garantie that blockchain is working on remuving exces suplly - so this is something that I as an investor wish!


Hypothesis 1:
You invest 1M without burn tax… in three years your investment is still worth approx. 1M (because excess supply problems are not solved, LUNC remains increasingly unattractive…)

Hypothesis 2:
You invest 1M and pay 1.2% burn tax (like all others)… so you invested 988,000. After a few months of burning, the excess supply is eliminated. The price increases as a result - for example x10. Your investment is now worth 9.88M…

So what will be your decision?

Anyone who does not want to trade with the 1.2% burn tax will have to wait for the months when we remove the excess supply. When the tax is abolished, you can start buying !?. The decision is yours.

When growth occurs I believe everyone will trade - even the whales… and what’s a 1.2% burn tax compared to daily volatility anyway??


Why stop at 1.2%?

Besides you ignoring basic fundamental tokenomics, you could simply push up burn tax and implement sell tax of say modest 8%.
Now then you are cooking with gasoline.

Sure, supply without demand is meaningless and price stays flat, but at least you got to burn it

RugDetector is neutral on this unless you get exchanges to implement it first.

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1.2% for a whale is a lot of money. Considering that in other blockchains the payment you make for each transaction is almost imperceptible

1.2% burn tax on exchanges is fair and not excessive. It’s also the original recovery movement so we should choose this exact number as we gained the most ground with it. We had CZ saying it could work if all exchanges implemented, we had CZ saying he would do an opt-in 1.2%, we achieved fee burn because of the push. There is history there and the 1.2% burn tax was the correct amount, and is still the correct amount. 1.2% is not excessive for buy/sell so that we all contribute to the lower supply. 1.2% on buy and sells is perfect, if we succeed in achieving off-chain burns we will have billion plus burns per day.

Of course the plan is judged a fail if we can’t get major exchanges to implement the off-chain 1.2% burn tax within 6 months. If 6 months pass and it doesn’t work we can roll back the tax changes.

If it works as we work together as a community to fulfil each step of the plan we can put LUNC on the path to $1+. It will be an amazing victory if we succeed. I believe it’s definitely worth a shot to fully explore off-chain burns. As dapps will be tax exempt in my plan we can still build on-chain while pursuing my plan.

Only during periods of low volatility will they even care about 1.2%. But the whole point of achieving the consensus of major exchanges means we have a united front where the 1.2% is adopted, and we continue to push for further adoption, so almost everyone by volume % should be incurring the 1.2% burn tax. This is everyone’s contribution to LUNC’s greatness.


Spot on!!!


Holy shit @JESUSisLORD how many of these threads have you opened? :joy:

I thought I was bad for putting up 4 multisig props, but you’re well on your way to take that spot! :grin:

And speaking of multisigs…

@aeuser999 wen multisig money? :clown_face:

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You bumped a thread which hadn’t been posted in for 15 days. How far down the page did you scroll to do that?

This is the first iteration of my plan posted on 19 March 2023. The Final Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+ is the updated version posted on April 24 and is the thread to continue discussion, currently still locked for 2 days due to trolls.

There’s only 2 threads. The original, and the updated, posted over a month later from the first, to update the plan with new details. There’s nothing wrong with that. I hadn’t posted here in this thread for 19 days until now. Please continue any discussion in the updated thread if/when it opens: Final Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+.


All the others were locked, lol.


Dude it’s locked, lmao.