Proposal : Burn 50% of stacking profit

Make a voting proposal for burn 50% of all stacking reward.

1st I have to say I’m a LUNC holder and delegator. Now I think all people that stake LUNC ( for reward ) is a long term holder, so in my point of view reduce the float of LUNC is the most important things to give more value to the asset, let think at same market cap a less quantity of token mean price appreciation, and this must be the goal of all long term holder. The 1,2% burn tax, yes is good but I fell is still something that maybe have a long time to work out and that one day can become not liked from participant.

Issue a Vote for implement the 50% tax burn stacking profit for both part Delegator and Validator.

No. Validators must get enough money for run and investors must be motivated enough to delegate on 1,2 % taxed chain. Only logical way is increase this rewards.

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This will be a temporary measure, when the total supply will be around 10B we can delete this measure. All want profit, but to have them must looks at long term, today I get 1000 LUNC reward than worth USD$ 0,4 tomorrow I can get 500 LUNC that can be USD$ 0,4 same, just if total supply become 50% and total market cap no change, what if total market cap will be higher ? I will get more with 50% profit than with 100%. But the most important is my staked LUNC that will double in value, we no need think at how much we profit from stake, but how much can profit from price appreciation.

I do not agree with this proposal.

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Can we know why ?

Nope. Chain must be incentivized to be healthy and secure. Staking is important in doing so.

Sure stacking is very important, and to be healthy and secure I think the stacker also like reward, so the best way to let the number of token down is burn them and burn some of the reward to get an higher price later I still think is a very good idea. @ek826 What do you think?

It seems 50% is too high, but i agree with this idea.
Staking rewards are huge now.

Yes maybe a percentage from 30 to 50% what the community will think is appropriate, but we must do something to burn more luna possible in a period less short possible, in my view the 1,2% tax burn may become so so slow to burn an acceptable quantity of token.