Vote of “No Confidence” for the Current L1 Team - “If Y'all Keep Censoring My Posts I'm Just Gonna Keep Making New Threads” Edition

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This whole taking down Bilbo’s posts thing is getting old. Do you people have no shame?


Look at the price l1 grifting force shills, keep coping


I believe the community sentiment is clear at this point.

They should ban the account, it’s boring me. How can people like this be called a developer?


It’s useless to create a thread if you’re going to be vetoed. Once again.

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just fck off… No With VETO…



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I can’t stand people like you. The developers are not responsible for sales and marketing. You cannot hold them responsible for price drops. they are doing what they have to do. They could have worked easier if it weren’t for you useless ones.

You don’t know etherium developers, you don’t know how much money they make, you don’t know how many they are, you ignore glitches, you don’t hold them accountable for price drops. This price is dropping because of pests like you.

useless troll…

The devs only job is to build value for the chain. That’s literally it. That’s all they have to do. If they’re not capable of that then they should stop taking LUNC money and go do something else. Because so far, all they’ve done has been worth jack shit, and the price action of the coin shows you exactly that.

Ethereum actually has value and capable devs who build on it. Also it’s funny you mention ETH and how many devs it has - didn’t Vinh and Frag and Steve say we don’t need too many devs? That 1 team with about 5 people is enough? Yet you still support them despite of that, while at the same time praising ETH for having so many devs. :clown_face: Bit of cognitive dissonance you’ve got going there my friend!



why don’t you and your useless dev team develop something and guide us about it. No business at all.

You can’t share how many people there are and their names, you don’t know how much money they make, you don’t know what skills they have, you have no idea what value they add to the chain, and you can’t tell if price movements are because of them. This job is a marketing job, the developers cannot have a duty other than to act in accordance with the roadmap. you really are a clown rabbi, you can go to hell.

They add 0 value, and it’s reflected in the coin’s price. They literally fail at their only job.

Seethe harder. I’ll buy your LUNC bag for literal pennies! :joy:



Your intellectual retardation and that of your heard prevented 6 senior devs from working on the chain to bring value to it and fix all the mess that your idols haven’t been able to address in a WHOLE year

Toby’s roadmap was fud lunc left and right. He really earned those 12k!


You seem angry and frustrated, are u okay? lmao

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Very complicated believe in this project, the price of the coin is falling, important proposals are vetoed. I sincerely hope there is an evolution in the development of the project.

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This is not an important proposal :sweat_smile:

Here’s your L1 Grift Force in action:

Go ahead, find creative ways of defending them now.

Or seethe in silence. :clown_face:


The entire crypto market is in a downtrend. what you say is not relative
You and the other :clown_face: only know how to create drama and fud on the forum.
For peace of mind I will ignore everything they post

You must like losing money.


“Hurr durr market go down so LUNC have to go down too! Durrr!”

Also, you’re wrong:

That’d be best. You get blown the f*ck out every time you make one of your posts. Save what little dignity you have left and go back to lurking - you’re out of your league here. By entire orders of magnitude.

Can we grow up and live a professional life together ? We all have our differences IRL jobs but we work together (despite our differences).

IGNORE WHAT BOTHERS YOU AND KEEP BUILDING… want to cause problems and drama, GTF out of here. ( time is valuable, and could be used to do something worthwhile. It should not be wasted on childish behavior )

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