Voting right, alagiz, help then can close

Continuing the discussion from Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [UPDATED AND FINAL]:

It’s rather annoying the slow mode, so I have to open a topic, sorry.
I have a doubt, maybe you can help, all the 6.7T tokens can vote?

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hey mate, only luna stakers can cast governance votes, that’s how governance works and always worked.

Going with the fork.
But please do it in a proper manner.

There should be 3 categories of people

1-Group of Original Holders
2-Group of holders before the last halt (May 8TH to 12TH)
3-Group of holders after the chain resumed (People who are buying now)

That would be a fair Distributions!

there has been 2 halts one on the 12TH and one on the 13TH

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