We need a Foundation .org

Community just started LUNC dreams and the hard work done by Rebels is very recognised and entire investors still believers of Luna Classic are grateful. At same time, original TFG abandoned the project, Rebels had to literally take care of a very hard project with no backup plan from anybody but themselves.
The top 10 validators surely make money and will make tons of it if the project keeps going over the years. Why not they combine forces, register a non profit, backup the Luna classic development using the funds in the same model Ethereum does?
That can avoid misconceptions with new project from Do Kwon, give Luna Classic independence and a solid plan. We need public faces for the project, people who can be seen as reputable and trustable in the crypto community, dedicated to explain the project in the media, outspoken and ready to answer hard questions.
That’s my only concern now in the project, without a Foundation, its very hard to belive in Luna future since we can see Do Kwon trying to force nonsense situations as a “merge” or just taking over the hard work made so far.

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