What about ust(c)?

The whole TERRA ecosystem was based on UST as a stable coin .
many retail investors put their life savings on it being rest assured it always remains as 1$ !
on proposal 1474 almost 10% of UST total supply was supposed to get burnt in spite of another failing proposal ! and the supply is still as it was !
the price embarrassingly is falling and the investments are shrinking , team is totally quiet about it ! do loyal TERRA holders deserve to be treated this way ?!
what is the future of UST ? the ticker is still carrying UST(c) meaning it is still supposed to be stable coin but strangely every USTC worth 0.02$ !!!
how do we expect new investors trust TERRA ecosystem with its stable coin being a meme coin , no explanation , no future prospects , no transparency and nothing !
any toughts on FUTURE of USTC ?

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if there was any future they would have said it already don’t you think?

Sell your USTC for that 0.02 and move on… I can’t see it being worth any more than it is now.

I wonder what will fill the void: wrapped DAI, or USDC? The Terra ecosystem still needs an asset-backed stablecoin of some sort.