What to do with our UST

Hi everyone!

What are the plans for your UST tokens? Is there any official roadmap for them? Is it a good option to continue staking them in anchor?

Too many questions! Please write your opinion.

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I have the same question

Sell them…

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same here , please someone from team clarifies the future plans/purpose for ustc in TERRA ecosystem !

They are in the works of a new “Stablecoin” attached to the new LUNA it seems (As per twitter!)

Honestly, I sold mine and took what I could from it - I feel like it’s going to crash - but who knows! It’s a gamble!

Sell them for what? Its price is nearly 0 right now, and i was hoping that there could be a plan to recover the peg o something similar, or maybe an exchange for a new stablecoin…
I don´t know, but selling them is getting nothing.

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Iv got over 500k of wrapped Luna sitting in Coinbase what should I do with them as binance don’t list or support either

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I was talking about the UST tokens, i have them back in anchor while I think what to do, at least accumulating more…

News about UST are welcome!

P.D: I don´t understand why some of the telegram groups about anchor and so on were closed and just “read only”, in these days when we all need more answers…

Hi @Everyone here

Spread the Message!

Getting the Exchanges to do the same as MEXC will help the most for LUNC.

So what you can do is spread the Message as i did here…

9gag( dot )com/gag/a91N10W

Spread it everywhere!

Exchanges will be the Hero’s if they join that plan!

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Sorry but I don´t know what are you talking about, please refer to UST.

I just found out about this debacle.
I have (had :frowning: ) most of my networth in aUST bought before the crash.
I did not unstake from anchor before the second snapshot. Will I still benefit from the airdrop even though it was all still staked in anchor?