What will Terra 2.0 use for stablecoins?

are they going to be relaunching UST 2.0 as well? Every chain needs a stablecoin. Will we be using USDC/T?

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It’s not actually specified yet. AFAIK stablecoins like USDT or USDC will be used but please do wait for more details.

Hopefully nothing tied to Fiatcoins. There is nothing inherently stable about currencies that are only backed by “demand” and are not redeemable for hard assets.

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I dunno both Terra v1 and Terra v2 maybe should look into using fiatcoins, and algo coins, just become a stable coin market place let em all compete. Indifferent to type meeting some communal agreed criteri, let users use what they wanna use, with blockchain measures in place for any type of token that may go awry off peg etc. Revamp Terra syables as made up of baskets of other stables, own the liquidity for them on chain.

“Create a new Terra chain without the algorithmic stablecoin.” This is the first sentence of DO Revival Plan

The only real stable coin is gold, which has been banned by central bankers worldwide as legal tender, and still retained its value because it has intrinsic value going back 5,000 years and well into the future like applications for space technologies. No other fiat currency could survive such a century-long assault on it, let alone a few days or weeks, because none have intrinsic value, so even if a little demand dries up on them, it causes a “death spiral” for the fiat pyramid scheme. Gold has real-world uses in the past, present, and distant future that ensure demand would never go to 0. If you have physical cash, fiat does too, as toilet paper, a low-grade heat source, or art.

Same idea goes for silver. 1 gram of silver is currently worth about $0.67 USD. Why not issue a currency based on that and stop giving power to central banks by creating new demand for their fiat through fiat coins backed by fiat? What would everyone here rather have in 10 years, 1 gram of silver or $0.67 USD?


So when should we be able to see the airdrop tokens in our wallets?

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