What's the best UST fix plan for Luna Classic?

What’s the best UST fix plan for Luna Classic?

What’s the best governance proposal put forth to revitalize UST?

When did Luna change it’s name to Luna Classic? Isn’t that from if it is forked?

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UST may not be continued on the new chain. But there may be a rehabilitation plan on Luna Classic. Old chain will be called classic since the current proposal to fork has enough validator support to go through.

So let’s be realistic here and discuss the future of UST on Luna Classic.

What’s the best plan put forward here?

The issue here is stable coins need market confidence, very high confidence. Otherwise it will be a run to the bottom following any bad news, rumour or slight depeg. We have to give up any idea of a Stablecoins at this time after all that has happened.

Given the number of people, including myself, for whom voting doesn’t work, as well as the number of validators that have not voted yet I would not be counting my chickens just yet… 10 more % on the no with veto and it’s game over for that scammy vote …

Fix Luna don’t fork it!

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i think ust recovery would take 1 hour to develop on the algorithm.

  1. What is happening is that the cost to mine 1 ust is ~ to 1 ust of LUNA.
  2. What has to happen is that the cost to mine 1 ust should be ~ 1 dollar of LUNA
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OMFG is this real? can someone confirm this? I’m shocked…

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You need to save Lune, and the fork is a mistake

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The value of LUNA makes people invest because UST tries to restore UST=1USD, so that people can use UST again. UST holders who have not bought or sold before the attack will lock up and release linearly, modify the contract, rebuild LUNA, and de-tick the UST holder. Speculators, those after 1UST=0.95USD, sell for a limited time, first clear the USD detickers, so that you do not need to pay USD immediately, but have more time to rebuild TERRA, LUNA can be forked, but the core UST cannot! Your funds come from UST, making it possible for him to be trusted and used again to be great again!