Why burning Luna is not a great Idea?

For $1, people have bought thousands of Lunas. When the burning process begins, do you think they will sell them cheaply? It’s very hard to recover 6.5T

It only makes sense to burn UST and improve on chain swap, burning Luna is absurd

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yeah they can burn until zero supply and refund 200% ur money, simple u just call / report nine one one.
dont waste ur time make proposal, new post, etc.
who u ? they not listening u.

the team has no money left - whos gonna pay for this?

Classic Luna should have a tx tax hardcoded into it

A compromise for burners & forkers - $LUNAC has a tx tax hardcoded to burn tokens + pay validators - Governance & Proposals - Terra Research Forum

There are always sellers. Most people got rekt so hard that they will sell at break even.

Wasn’t their purchase not legit ? Why the team didn’t halt the blockchain then before inflating the supply ? Why if I had already LUNA shouldn’t I buy more to average my position and save the boat after even Do Kwon said that he was deploying capital to repeg ? The people the keep purchasing are as victims as the holders that lost their value.