Why I guess a terra revolution (in four big steps) is the only solution

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Why I guess a TERRA revolution (in four big steps) is the only solution

Dear Community, particularly dear Do Kwon.

Hallo everyone.

I would like to speak up my mind. I’m sorry in advance if I’ll sound strange in my own words, because…

  1. I have always studied, worked, and took care of my acculturation and education because it pleased me and my creativity, that’s just who I am, a master in psychology, a professor of different subjects, a writer and many other things that are just parts of me.
  2. I ended up with many titles and many things done and produced, it all might sound preppy or nerdy or too proud o similar, but I’m not at all, as I would say again, me is another one, different from this image that gets into others’ mind when listening or reading me. Sorry not sorry for this.
  3. Simply, I want to improve my and others’ lives, sometimes I sound not nice, as if I wanna be some kind of chief, but not at all, I simply want to share and encourage and propose some solutions to a problem. And if possible, work together towards them. I know tech knowledge is not my field, I know I don’t know about that but I want to work for a solution and improvement that could benefit us all. That’s all.
  4. And inasmuch I have forwarded the following ideas to many important people and institution, and nobody seemed to have given a damn, I’m here to share them with you, without any censorship, in order to reason freely on given problems and potential solutions at the most proper time.
  5. So, sorry in advance if I may sound too cold or similar, I have to be technical in my writing, clear, fast, and so on. Sorry in advance also for my English and my mistakes and all my imperfections.
  6. My intent - I repeat - is to help. Hope you will appreciate. We are all in the same - sinked - boat. I guess we all want to stay up again and never sink again.

So, I would like to begin my discussion. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m not graduated in IT, nor in Economics. But I can do my best, such as…

I will use my words in a constructive way.

Viewer discretion is advised.

I won’t consider being exhaustive at the cost of not being brief as a mistake.

Quoting Bon Jovi: “ I’ll sleep when I’m dead .”

1.1 Reasons for a change of paradigm in Terra Luna ecosystem

I guess Luna to resurrect has to change its whole paradigm. Seriously. I think is the only way people could perceive it differently than a scam.

At the current time, I perceive that dApps built on Terra ecosystem are nonsense metaverse, games or NFT markets with - in my maybe wrong and lonely opinion - very bad games and very bad art in them.
I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but seriously, I don’t find any real value in them, it seems to me as a not serious at all way to enforce Terra ecosystem, and create a social / human / cultural value; it rather seems to me as a ship of fools series trying to lucrate on hype. This is not ethical, not moral, not intelligent: in the end, non sustainable from many perspectives.

Of course there is Defì and staking protocols. I wouldn’t argue about them now.

I want to conclude this first paragraph with two problem acknowledgment:

  1. Perception of Luna as a scam
  2. Perception of Terra ecosystem dApps as not valuable

I am not saying that’s how it is. I’m saying this might be the perception of many.

1.2 When Luna fell on Terra

Luna and Terra are called Algorithmic coins or crypto or asset or whatever.

The whole thing boils down to a big red light:

  1. there is no fundamental value
  2. there is no intrinsic value
  3. there is no collateral
  4. there is no real use for it (up to now)

We are paying a high price for having - consciously or not - ignored all of this.

Many of us have been lay.

The fall of Luna is an opportunity to acknowledge that real innovation can be created, but first of all I guess there must be a change of mind among its developers and sustainers.

We can’t rely on hype, we can’t rely on speculation, we can’t ignore problems. If we do like this then crypto will remain nothing more than an incomplete system.

I guess many of us should courageously look into themselves and wonder: “Is that real? Was I just here for speculation? Was I just here for the gain? Was I just here for hype?” Because if it is so, then we are all here because of our bad karma. And we are here because rather than speculate damaging others we chose to stay.

Can we see that the whole crypto system has a bad reputation because of this? Is maybe its own karma so bad that this is why it can’t really exist up to now? I beg to change this. Alone of course I can’t, but together we can.

I know I don’t know. But I know together we can change it for the better, before others, thus being pioneers in the web3 for real.

And here will come my ideas proposals as solutions to problems, revolutionizing the usage and perception of Terra ecosystem and also the fate of Luna

I know that who tries to elevate the whole game - of any kind - always sounds as if is preaching from his/her pride, and this is painful for me who is not doing this, because humanity historically progresses moving forward and upward, and now is even more what is needed from us to get out of this situation. This is my opinion.

1.3 Acknowledging problems and introducing solutions

So, I have some proposals, and I think - always consider that I know about nerd tech as much as the Sun knows about our existence - that developed on Luna Terra ecosystem these can:

  1. solve the problem of stablecoin inflation and collateral value once and for all

  2. reinforce and renew students’ motivation and attention while improving the education system

  3. create a national and better alternative to current social networks

  4. create a new business and market and a new type of global tourism

These proposals are suggested to be intended as a progressive and cumulative development, step by step; that is, they should not be understood as realizing the next idea without having at least started - or completed - the previous one.
They are the following:

2.1 Idea-Proposal N.1: Marketing some priceless art as a collateral

  1. If Luna is a Foundation, and money is a means, then it could legitimately be used for improve humanity.
    Are you wondering what am I talking about? Am I talking some charity? Not at all.

First thing first, humanity is at risk. Not only because of global warming, not only because of war, not only because of interruption in supply chains, not only because of this last economic-financial crisis, not only because of how we disconnect from our own cognitive capabilities, not only because of shity food and bad habits, not only because of our detachment from reality and environment and kin, not only because of our selfishness, not only because of a bad AI, but also because we don’t give a fuck about having children.

Elon Musk affirmed that this is how all could end, with no children, and in a very short time. Only old people, no one new, and then it will be over.

Why we are not having children anymore in the world?

Because of lack of time, education about building a functional family, and money.

That’s why we should consider this ecosystem as a legitimate way to create wealth no matter what.

If we give money for free to everyone in the world, then we could hope that the whole world comes back together from its pieces once again, and free from work enslavement, people could be free to work as they please, and also choose to raise a functional family as a full-time job.

So, how could Terra Luna Ecosystem do this?

Here follows how I think it could be done. And I think that if it can be done it should be done, and if it should be done to save humanity, it must be done as a moral imperative.

Otherwise, everyone, good and bad, are left with no game to play.

b) If Luna is a Foundation, and UN cares about the world and humanity, and UNESCO is a Foundation of its own, that holds the custody of all the World Heritage Sites, then I believe it’s time for us to use this heritage that belongs to all of us, and use it to save all of us.


c) We as Luna Foundation Guard work with UNESCO to create Official Unesco - two-dimensional - NFT of each of its world Heritage sites, that are priceless.

Being priceless, and being these priceless unique NFT that belong to the world, we can together create on Terra Luna ecosystem an NFT market of all of these unique official UNESCO-TERRA World Heritage NFTs, and sell them - to a price that is approximately or theoretically towards positive infinite - to build a huge foundation capital for Terra-Luna Foundation Guard.


We can create a new stablecoin for this, the UNT, “United Nations Terra/Token”; that will replace the collapsed UST (but we’ll see it restyled in the next paragraph).


Backed by UNESCO priceless NFTs we can use them to make UNT Stable and depeg-proof.
If the unwanted black swan happens again, that is, if people tries to withdraw more than what they put in or get through interest rates, - also called “speculation” - Luna Foundation Guard can pay them with a corresponding fraction of priceless UNESCO NFTs.

This could be an anti-speculation mechanism.


Holding these NFTs give you the corresponding value in Luna tokens.


Fractions of these NFTs can be given for free to all Luna holders, particularly those who got ruined by the sell-off and are still holding them.


Every State (such as Italy, the Vatican, the Vatican World Library, just to name a few) could - through UNESCO - give their monumental and historical heritage to serve this purpose, being minted as 2D NFTs and become part of the UNESCO-TERRA Foundation to restore humanity.

Basically, Terra and Luna will have an endless reserve, as endless priceless unique art pieces that will be valued far more than hundreds of thousands of trillions and which value will increase over time; that could be converted as goods to sell for fiat money converted to UNT, or as a collateral for UNT stablecoin, that this way might be the most stable coin ever existed.

If possible, 1 UNT is equal to one US dollar at the moment of its first minting, and as dollar gets inflationary UNT stays the same becoming naturally deflationary against the dollar.

Of course, as already said, at any time Luna Foundation Guard can pay in NFT fragments those who speculate or try to depeg UNT; while paying in UNT those who earn fair given interests for their UNT holding.

As we will see, UNT can be converted for fiat money or for payments, while LUNA can be converted to UNT or used for payments.

This way, UNT being used to acquire NFTs can hardly be more than how much it is as it collateral dollars.

If LUNA is converted to UNT it is burnt making it deflationary.

If someone tries to withdraw more UNT than the sum of how much he/she staked + the fair interest rates, the exceeding value is paid in UNESCO-TERRA NFTs.

So, if I didn’t short-circuit this idea, we can face the next problem with the next solution proposal.

2.2 Idea-Proposal N.2: The Universal Terra Didactic Metaverse and UST as the United Students Terra/Token

In this second proposal of the series…

  1. An educational metaverse is built.

Beginning with elementary school metaverse, then middle grade schools metaverse, then high grade school metaverse, same for University and so on.

The idea is to create an immersive interactive environment with didactic content, that follows the country Ministry of Education didactic program.

As 3D first person game, this metaverse offers the student a study course with quests that are part of the program, in the curse of the game the gamer-student learns, and completing quests that are parts of tests and tests, based on everything that could possibly be built on a metaverse technology, earns UST known as United Students Terra/Token

b) UST can be spent by students with a discount in agreement with e-commerce platform and stores and brand that abide by this “alliance”, as it usually is for students favorite goods and services.

Every time a UST is spent is converted to UNT that comes into the good or service seller’s wallet, and these UST are burnt thus making it deflationary against its minting. Every time a UNT is converted for fiat money - for example in stores and bars that want to be paid in fiat rather than in UNT - this UNT amount is burnt and fiat money gets into the recipient’s IBAN account.

c) students will have intrinsic and extrinsic motivation boosted.

In doing so, also underage students can accumulate their own virtual currency, make it an income or support their parents, improving their self-esteem and their motivation to study as well as beginning to have some notion of finance.

The teacher could decide in class to comment on what his/her students experienced in the metaverse by inviting each one of them to tell about their game experience and how they lived it (i.e. what choices they made and for which reason), in the afternoon they could open a session of multiplayer game (with all students and the teacher at the same time in the virtual metaverse environment) in order to orient students in the metaverse environment as a “guide”, answer students’ questions, and illustrate the environment if necessary.

Teachers could assign them written or oral tests or additional tasks to earn additional virtual currency.

This teaching automation could give teachers time to help students develop critical thinking.

Using the didactic metaverse could take time away from video games and social networks.

The same teacher assigns the set of missions to students as homework, and it could be that if they repeat the same missions in a foreign language the reward persists although halved.

d) Also, a lot of important data can be gathered.

Obviously, the State could be informed about choices made by students about the metaverse (i.e. in the context of World War II, or the American War of Independence, a lot could be seen), in order to identify dangerous deviant behavior in advance by collecting detailed data on the students’ journey in the metaverse, and also propose educational experiences to correct antisocial behavior, creating also a civic education.

e) Once such a model is developed on Terra ecosystem, it could be sold to other countries; as a fee to sustain Terra ecosystem and Luna Foundation, as also offering continuous updates and a lot of jobs.

f) This environment will be the bridge to train students in a likely - as simulated - work environment, whether digital or material work tasks, this could be very useful for proposing students to companies and also for companies to train their own staff through the didactic metaverse.

So, a lot of work and revenue with a very high social, human, cultural, and professional and work value could be created.


g) students can use their UST coins to buy virtual objects on the metaverse (s 3D NFTs I guess), or to buy games on the metaverse that also have their own NFTs but they are not mandatory.

These games have in-app purchases, and these can be paid in fiat or in UNT or in UST; but UST or UNT once in the game cannot be converted to fiat or moved to an external wallet, they can only be spent in the game or in other games of the same Terra ecosystem,

2.3 Idea-Proposal N.3: Preparing a Metaverse as a Parallel World, as a new virtuous model of online social lifestyle

  1. Now at this point it will be time to create a metaverse for each Capital city of the world.


Here, create a UNESCO-TERRA three-dimensional NFT (in the first idea proposal they were 2D as NFT artworks, basically unique and official pictures) for at least any and each previously created two-dimensional NFT in the first idea-proposal.

These can be sold and bought for UNT before the launch of the Capital city metaverse along with the virtual lands and constructions.

b) A key innovation would be the creation and sale of FT or Fungible Tokens, such as a radio, television, clothes, and other items that can be used on the metaverse as well as bricks, balconies, furniture, and everyday objects including 3D books (here an integration with Amazon to sell its products as NFTs could be huge); since the FTs have not yet been conceived, this would be an innovation of which Terra ecosystem could become the mother and be proud of it.

Many companies can develop or continue their metaverse businesses here.

c) Result: to sell NFTs and FTs, to move users from social networks to the metaverse of the Capital, to help reduce social anxiety and improve social cohesion, to assist the development of companies and their businesses.

I n this way we aim to re-orient the online social lifestyle on social networks towards a virtuous way of behaving.

By allowing students to also explore the metaverse of the Capital, students are encouraged to leave the house and interact in the real world, about which they can have a preparatory experience in this metaverse.

Obviously, in addition to the Capital city, the project could be extended to other major cities and the whole world.

And here comes the next point and final - fourth - step.

2.4 Idea-Proposal N.4: Preparing a Metaverse as a Parallel World, as a new virtuous model of online social lifestyle

Full circle, the global tourism of the global metaverse

Creating a metaverse of the whole country for each country of the world, to launch global tourism (more sustainable and at times more compelling, for example works of art can be better enjoyed) and virtual reality experiences whose realism can be increased through software improvements and innovation of hardware, (i.e. perfume/scent diffuser).

FTs could be developed in partnership with other existing actors (i.e. a Wikipedia or Spotify FT, films, songs, and so on), in order to advertise and showcase their use on the metaverse.

The result is having a parallel virtual world, unifying the real and virtual economy and finance, attracting capital, increasing opportunities for pre-existing businesses and creating new business opportunities.

Once again, this model once developed could be exported.

Am I wrong? You tell me. I am trying to build a foundation to be bullish.

Final Thoughts

I guess I should learn some coding in Python and learn to use Unity, in order to build all this on Terra Ecosystem. You know what? I don’t know anything about all of this tech.

But I’m willing to learn. I’m open to suggestions and collaboration.

Any help?

By the way…

Sir Do Kwon. Are you there man? Are you listening? These ideas are for you. Make us rich again. Please.

Maybe Elon Musk would help.

BTW, I told these ideas to many institutions and people, nobody cared. With the fall of Luna to Earth here I am.

I hope is not too late to begin the Terra Revolution in 4 phases.

And most importantly, to teach us how to help in building this project.

Being rewarded for participating in this job too, of course.

I hope you have been able to accept the proposals of these ideas whose effectiveness might contribute to the generation of wealth and social and natural well-being, possible both for individuals and for institutions with the satisfaction of all people involved, towards a future in which Universal Basic Income could be possible, for example, giving everyone a TERRA-UNESCO NFT fragment in their wallet.

But this, would be another set of ideas I guess.

I hope we could build all of this from a decentralized global set of teams.

May the Light of the Buddha guide us all.

Thank You very much.

Best regards,


P.S. I’m updating this document… I’ll post a new and better and clearer one.