Will I have the same number of tokens I brought in Luna after the Forking event?


I brought 100,000 tokens during the market crash. Will I have the same number of tokens after the ingratiation and forking event?I am welcome to your thoughts and opinions on the subject matter.

Thanks in advance.

Divide 100 million by 6.9T and multiply that by your purchase, you’ll have about 1.4 tokens

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are you sure this calculation is correct?

Thanks for reply

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the answer is wrong…

after hard fork you will still have ur 100 000 LUNA 1.0 (old chain) & you will get on the new chain 0,14 LUNA 2.0 (100 000*0,00000144742).

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people make this too complex, it’s really simple, for post attack luna to v2 rates just:

divide by 65,337.635

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