Withdraw deposits from TerraCVita validator!

I urge the community to withdraw their deposits from the TerraCVita validator .

These people, due to their own carelessness, lost 5 million of their depositors, and after that they will continue to earn on our trust?

We should flag such developers and exclude them from our community. We are not playing in the sand here, there should be financial responsibility here.

If we want to build the future for LUNC, then the reputation of those on whom the community is built must be impeccable. And those who undermine his credibility must leave him forever!


The validator has nothing to do with the terraport issues. You just try to create Fud in the community and increase instability and disunity

This is not FUD bro, I do what I say!


I like this guy!


Do not share your personal fear. Those of us who are faithful and loyal to the network are still standing here without wavering

You make a lot of noise for only 125 dollars

a developer from terraport done all the fush and they found him and they almost got all the money ! dont spread false accusations . Do a research first and read sites without know if they are reliable … Check rex on twitter which he gives you all the recent news !
they found them .Terravcitta are trying to help they done a lot of goods in the project !

Does the fact that they found them somehow compensate for the lost money of depositors?

I read the official responses from TerraCVita developers, they are very proud that the hacker’s addresses were blacklisted. But what does this mean for investors? Does anyone who has lost their money feel better about this? Or do you think that someone will now return them back?

I’m surprised how primitive people are in their reasoning…

You are wrong, every dollar counts…, no matter if it is noise or not, actions need to be held accountable and followed, TerraCvita validator and their team have lost credibility by showing impudence and recklessness, there have been many reports from $Lunc members about the carelessness of TerraCvita developers towards security investors, without conducting independent audits of the safety of the “terraport” svapalka, … you should not underestimate the smaller investors in the lunc project and in general, which has become nothing for the old participants, but everything for the new ones.
If such actions on the part of the developers take place, then their salary is zero from a bagel and not from $1k or more.
It is necessary to make an audio conference and a written report on the discussion of the conference every month, where the main developer must provide the pace of work to all groups L1, L2, etc.;
…also, we need a responsible face of our community, without a CEO our movement is limited, I suggest that the community create a vote on the forums within 1 month so that all participants have time to familiarize themselves.
Candidate for the position of CEO Luna Classic network

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They found 99% of the wallets they freezed them ,they missing few which is like what a day or 2 to found them ?
All the money will be return back to investors ! TerraCvita said it ,Rex said it !

Stop reading sites and do your research.

the developers who done it were not clever as they ll be sued for it now

Abandon and turn your back on the people who are building, creating dapps and other things for the future and recovery of the blockchain. You should be ashamed.



The project is good one. No need to withdraw deposits from the node. Let’s learn from the mistakes made and build a better LUNC community.

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A lot of people looks like are stupid in a way with the news. You see something like the read something and they lock their opinion based on one artical .We need to make our research based on artical to get a more clear view

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