Wluna coinbase

Good day
I’m not exactly the pro when it comes to wallets etc.
I had bought around 200wluna on coinbase long before the crash. these are now practically worthless. i have also not received any airdrop. what can i do to benefit from the airdrops and i can continue trading with the wluna?
thank you very much for a nice answer.

You should wait for further details.

thank you for the quick feedback. is this meant for further info from coinbase or from the community here? when can we expect more info?
I am also in the discord channel and waiting for announcements.

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Oh you had it in coinbase, sorry haven’t read that. So you are not eligible for the airdrop.

ah ok. will it never be up for discussion that non-native tokens like wluna are compensated? that’s really bad. 20k usd in wluna and that as a big share, dissolves into nothing. there i stand with a big loss… well

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Coinbase doesn’t support the airdrop AFAIK. That’s the reason.

I will make today a mail to coinbase…am only a small fish, but the more grumble ,the better :stuck_out_tongue: