Wtf is going on?

It’s been more than a week so far and nothing is being done yet as far as i know, all i see on twitter from officials is random bullshit or random info (referring to do kwon, stablechen, terra daily).

When action? You know when initially this whole thing happened i wasn’t as worried as i am now, because i thought some kind of action will be taken quickly, apparently not. Why not pick a fricking proposal already? At this point i don’t even care if I’m going to be reimbursed in some way or not. I’m relying on team launching their luna v2 coin, buying it and waiting for moon.

I lost 120k$ in this, as a jobless, diplomaless 22 year old, my mental health has gone to absolute dog shit since this happened and is getting worse by the day due to nothing happening. I genuinely can’t sleep, waking up multiple times a night due to stress. I don’t know how long i can keep going like this for. Maybe soon gonna off myself.