4135 - $ustc New Gold // Burn Tokenomy idea

LUNC total supply - 6,907,072,876,045
USTC total supply - 9,815,460,522

Many people think this burning mechanism on Lunc can do something. I think there is another way. To do from death token without any trust on communities to new digital gold.

Catch the opportunity when you have it :rocket:

My proposal is very simply - change tokenomy from fallen coin to deflation coin. Like I said on Twitter, who care about peg on 1$ price, when it can be real bomb and with big community and all things what terra have is nothing hard to do it.

Never again mint, only burn mechanism.

I did proposal on terra station (text proposal 4135) before I go to forum with this, my fault, I regret it.

Honestly I Don’t know what I can do more, but I really want to help, maybe on begging this “game changer” idea give you more perspectives.

Done, enjoy!


Without ustc, lunc/luna - is nothing. No one will be use new “stable”.

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And this is my point, I don’t know how to do it step by step, this is why there is no specification about my idea but I know on this forum are people who can use it, and made more than 1$ peg stable coin from something what was traitor one time. Nobody will trust again, terra ecosystem and our community need something really special to go back to the top.

$ustc with still low fee and burning on every transaction and idea to change tokenomy can be real bomb on market and media.

From ashes, to be anty-inflation token :sunglasses:


:neutral_face: worst proposal.