48h Staking Countdown - security improvement

Hello community, first of all, sorry if my post analyzes the question from a simple non-tech side, I am not a developer.

So, recently there were a lot of people that got scammed in some ways and discovered that their lunc in some way got unfrozen.

When this unwanted situation happens, there are only two things that may occur:

  • you are faster than the scammer to withdraw lunc
  • the scammer is faster than you, and you’re fucked up.

So, I was thinking about the tron chain and I genuinely believe that sometimes there is no need to “reinvent the wheel” to make a chain better. In tron when you stake trx, you can’t unstake the coins for 48h. If you add more coins during this time frame, the countdown starts over.

I know of course that we have a 21 days unstaking period, what I’m saying here is to keep this but that this is not enough.

We need a staking countdown that locks the possibility to start the process of unstaking our lunc (and receive these after 21 days).

In this way, each of us can stake even only 1 lunc a day and make all his staked lunc really safe, the 48h countdown will start over, and this before anyone (us or the scammer) is allowed to initiate the undelegation process.

That’s all, I hope this may result in an exciting topic to discuss and maybe this discussion can evolve into a governance proposal. . .

21 dyas suks. That’s why most of my assets are in networks like Cardano, Solana, Near, places like Youhodler where my assets aren’t locked up for long. Do you know why many block chains in Cosmos have low staking? For reasons like these. There are networks with absurd unstaking like 28 and 31 days.
When you go staking and you look at the time, you think if it is really worth locking your money there.
What is the use of having my money blocked for so long without being able to move it or do something else with it.

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I understand your point but I think this is due to personal preferences. It s a long time 21 days that’s right, but cosmos apr are very remunerative so, in most of the cases it worth the waiting.

What I am talking here is to implement an additional measure, that is simple but very effective. .