A day after the worst moment and how we should move forward

A day after the biggest crash, Luna price has stable, market cap around 3 billion. That’s probably the fair valuation the public is giving the whole Terra ecosystem for now

Whoever has suggested on the super mint and created additional Luna to crash everything, must take full responsible. They need to burn off the excess Luna with their own funds. You all should know that UST collapse was partly due to Luna valuation was like shxt because of super mint move. They print money secretly and quietly behind most UST and Luna holders. How could a small group of people did such a big mess to the whole community, the decision making system and process must be re-evaluate again

Go read CZ Binance twitter comments, you should know that the whole tragedy was poorly handled. Terra team need to have an economist to be in the team and stop laughing at “Poor” economists. They may not be as rich as Terra management team, sure they know how to handle a currency better and in a more ethical way

Good news is Terra & Luna got a lot of free publicity these few days, caught a lot of people attentions, do it right, Terra, Luna and may be UST will have a chance to make a come back

3 billion valuation will increase if the confidence and the value of the whole system is going up. It can only be done with strong plans, initiatives, services and products. No shortcuts, no gimmicks and no tricks again, people are watching whether Terra team stay up to the expectation, your reputation is being re-evaluate now

Once Luna back in stronger valuation, the community can use the stronger value to buy back everything eventually. Burning excess Luna is a good idea and good suggestion to improve the confidence

That’s the reason why USD must stay strong against developing countries at all time. With strong currency, people work for you with a ripped off price (if their currencies are weaker)

Again, just need to build more products from the eco system, restore Luna value and find a way to help UST holders

Short term Luna speculators will cash out Luna by having their profit takings soon, they wont stay for long, but Luna value will depend on the value of Terra ecosystem & products in the long term

Let the value delivery do the talking, no more tricks!!!

Have anyone experience sold out a share at $3, but it went up to $5 and you rush in to buy back at $5, knowing you wont be able to get it back at $3 and one day it will become $100? Therefore, you dont sell them cheap and dont sell them early? That’s the way forward for the whole community

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