A framework for action : Luna wars

Setup conditions for collecting luna to get a majority faction in place to design and define Terra’s future plans

We all have been wiped. We knew the risks, we accepted them, we paid the price. But one positive outcome of the hyperinflation is that everyone is starting on the same foot, a new start regarding governance

As very well described in @wlawyer proposal, it’s becoming hard to make a decision about Terra’s future:

Building up on his proposal, I would like to propose to setup conditions for a proper «Luna war» where the winning faction will take governance of Terra and apply it’s plan for the future, until it keeps majority of votes.

I believe this option provides the opportunity to «put your money where you mouth is», creating a positive dynamic for people to engage on Terra’s future and support decisions, while giving enough time for factions to build up a plan. Lunatics are well used to the concept of war thanks to the Astrowars. It will also supports the economy by applying sales pressure on Luna and UST coins

As someone used to say : «Chaos is a ladder»


  1. Keep status quo regarding Luna/UST minting and burning as there is no consensus at the moment, but let the rest open
  2. Provide visibility on LFG funds or any resource available for the Terra community
  3. Negotiate with CEX for allowing transfers of Luna/UST to the Terra chain to allow governance vote
  4. Setup a period for collecting luna / votes (1 luna = 1 vote)
  5. Faction with the majority will decide whatever we need to do to proceed (fork/no fork, compensation or not etc…), get each action voted, and implement the plan


  • governance power of people previously wiped in the pre-peg event will be limited, as new fundings are required to capture luna on the market
  • risk that a group would take advantage of the majority to get away with the community pool and dump Luna collected during the war on the market, creating a second apocalypse ??

Happy to discuss, many thanks for your time

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