A transaction fee dashboard similar to Apeboard but just for fee history

Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum but am a big fan of Terra and would love to get involved.

I recently posted this in the Terra discord and was suggested to post it here. I’ve been working on a project which I think is quite unique relative to Terra.
It’s a gas fee dashboard intended for all chains L1, L2, and side chains and I recently integrated Terra (thanks to some help from the discord server)! As far as I know, the only similar resource is ApeBoard which is more of a portfolio manager.
I would really like to build out this project and turn it into a proper product focused on simplifying the concept of “gas” to new users. Something like ethgasstation.info but for all chains with a detailed explanation as to how fees are charged on each chain. The current site is rate limited but is a good proof of concept https://gasfees.lol/. If you like the idea and have a suggestion or would like to help out the next steps would probably be to find funding and some more people.
This is probably not the standard way to go about building a team but I thought it’s worth a try.

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Hey there, how can I contact you? I work for a crypto asset management institution and would like to further discuss this project with you.

Hi yeah, that would be great. My Twitter is probably the best @0xmigi.