Display of "Tx fee" in Terra Station application

A transaction appeared in my Terra Station History yesterday. It was related to Galactic Punk glitch airdrop.

Tx hash: Terra Finder

There was a Tx fee of 0.365894 Luna showing in my Terra Station History

The “sender” was: terra1ce7z9mx5tfp3qnrlc43guu8k4vmee3mv78vd6j (not my wallet address)

I was thinking - why am I seeing a Tx fee when I didn’t approve a transaction at that time?


  1. My understanding of the situation now is that the sender paid the tx fee. Is this correct?

  2. Assuming (1) is the case, why does my Terra Station History show a tx fee that I didn’t pay? For me, it’s confusing for my wallet to show transaction fees which I am not paying.

Feedback welcome.