Best Practical Revival Plan 1

I really simply wonder…

why did you use LFG fund to defend from UST price dump?

you could just make these 2 options (UST holder can convert to $1 worth LUNA, OR UST holder can claim $1 to LFG by swap.)

and this Revival Plan 2 is not a good idea.
the best solutions from now is,

  1. Buy LUNA as much as possible and Burn them all
  1. let UST holders to swap to $1 worth LUNA (but lock for 1 year or so)
  1. commit future Terra-Luna transaction fee to buyback LUNA (forever)
  1. then UST price will recover first because there is a big gap between $1 and 1UST, so arbitragers start buying UST and come back to pegged $1 price. (this is the original architecture how UST pegg to $1 isnt it?!)
  1. then LUNA price will also recover because UST will be stable again.

this disaster was not caused by hacking nor theft of fund.
its simply attacked or co-incidence matter so price drop could not be helped.

the thing you have to do is, to find the way to recover its price by reversaly using your original architecture.