Bluehelix Bridge could provide free decentralized cross-chain services for Terra ecology

The Bluehelix Bridge is based on Bluehelix’s proprietary private key sharding technology, which uses a distributed multi-signature mechanism for generating and managing addresses and private keys. can generate a muti-sig address to the targeted chains and deposit to the custodial address from anywhere. Bluehelix Bridge is more decentralized than RenVM which uses similar technology. The cross-chain process doesn’t issue any new assets and all information is completely transparent on the chain.

Bluehelix Bridge can support cross-chain on heterogeneous chain and homogeneous chain ecosystems, and it can be fully compatible with various cross-chain technologies and standards. The Bluehelix Bridge functions similarly to a blockchain ecosystem transportation network, allowing project partners, public chains, wallets, and other entities to achieve effective cross-chain asset transactions and create decentralized circulation among various ecosystems.

Supported public chains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, HECO, Tron Network, Binance Smart Chain(BSC), DOGE and Polygon.


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