Burn but different tx p2p - post death

Hi yall

So the market failed horribly and everyone is getting their asses handed to them .

I pupose a strange idea that could be simple however maybe i can give a new perspective on the rewarding holders of Luna

1)Take a snapshot on the current block . Raise your gas fees to Lunas 5000 per tx p2p over 25000 Lunas for 6months and decrease over time. Or percentage anything over $100 occurs much higher fees - send to 0x0 burn for example .

Why i see this working is the funds traders will dump and run, holders might just leave in and stake .

** Will this work for users actively staking? Maybe getting stuck in exchanges/wallets might be a issue .

Traders will constantly move funds around to get the best price - well maybe a simple idea but could be looked at to get the circulation in control for 6 months or so.

2)Also guys adding UST at 12% apy is just waiting to crash and burn and really give off nasty vibes , 4% sounds beter .

  1. From point 2 , balance seems to be the real issue here and companies holding more power over slippage. Why not make the up to slippage 2000% in fees when abusing anywhing over 5% on UST - $0.96 $1.04 - anything over that add higher slipage fees . 40% slippage man if you own billions and want to make billions more then this is a small hurdle

  2. this seems aggressive trading but it would seem the current luna/ust and abuse of money must bear a huge penalty