[Proposal Idee] BURN 0.5% - 1.5% fee with each UST transaction

Hi everyone,

While the new plan came up for a fork, I would like to come with something similar to the post:



The team wants to make a hype on LUNA and UST to be eligible for the airdrop for the new LUNA coin. I strongly remember the exemple of XYM, which was lauched and blocked on many exchanges while the price was dropping while open the valves!

What to change:

This is why I come with a second option from the proposal to burn UST from 0.5% to 1.5% to avoid fast trading manipulations. CZ from binance told it, there is no fee for UST trading on their platform, which is a blessing for speculators such whose drained the liquidities. We are actually at big losses and we dont need parasits eating or fudding more than we already have.

Market pressure for the forward plan could be reduced by a small burning of 0.5% to 1.5% and while FOMO/FUD VOLUMES will burn coins.

And “IF” after?:

If one day the burning appears to be enough and you are out the crisis, stop the burning parameter or convert the taxe for futur potential crisis, such as binance made for #SAFU. Obviously we could just stop burning and make nothing more.

This will complement and help the new plan for the fork, but if a vote must pass, it should be before 28th of may or the faster we can implement it. Also it could be implemented to LUNA CLASSIC and shouldnt make buyers be affraid from a high tax on trading.

I dont have wallet to make the proposition. If you want to make it or change it, free to do it.