Burn LUNA via new Stable Coin USL 🪙

Hi, after reading many proposal, I’m sharing my thinking. Terra Foundation have to issue a new stable coin that burn LUNA.
Foundation issue USL to UST holder at 1:1 ratio and stake their new USL so that they can earn minimum 10% APR and meet their expenses. The staked coins will be unstaked via vesting of 4 year.
The idea may be polished better by developers & community. I just want to show the path.

trust in the crypto market is everything, when you lose it you never get it back and your name is tarnished forever…

Yes I know that but with a strong plan LUNA foundation can recover again. The algorithm stable coin is the future. People learn from their mistakes, they can remove the loophole so that the new stable coin cannot unpeg like a fix staking of stable coin, less APR.