Burn mechanism on transactions 1.2%

Actually it’s a off chain burn which will be implemented by the exchanges. So negotiations with the exchanges is mandatory and required.

the question is when will the acceptance from the exchanges proceed

That’s why we need a official spokesperson with a governing body from the community. Mr @Deathstar_Daddy have made a detailed proposal on this New LUNC & USTC Rebuild Road Map Proposal

then what are we waiting for?

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It causes us to lose blood every day. Why isn’t this offer implemented or an explanation made?
No announcement has been made on the Twitter account yet.
Why are you so treacherous? LUNC KILLERS

DK is on holiday, prison, mental hospital where is this man? Did they sell their new LUNA and run away?
All validators that have approved the fork proposal. You are as guilty as he is. You thought of your own pocket, not the victims. Make this offer come true as soon as possible

When I entered this forum, I really thought there was a community. I was wrong, there are only victims and DK who does not respond or explain.

So many people have been waiting for a little news from you for days. Shame on you…

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we are working here now

Are you kidding me ?

It’s over, go buy a $100 LUNC, it’ll be x100 -x1000 after burn it. Don’t bother anyone with vain things. Let the last offer be implemented is enough for everyone…


My two cents worth:

Burn the supply down as quickly as possible to 10 billion, and create incentives for developers to build projects on the original LUNC block chain.

Set aside 250 million coins to help fund developers.

Create a new forward looking White Paper like Bitgert. I’m not here to sell Bitgert, but I read their White Paper and it’s impressive with its forward thinking focus.


Thank you I appreciate this, but I would like to remind everyone that it’s also a team of some very talented people that has been getting things done up to this point and I hope that it continues to be lead by a team. I am just proud to be a part of the group effort. We all have our roles and fit well together.


Where’s the role breakdown for who is doing who is doing what @Deathstar_Daddy? You have zero transparency, none of your proposals have passed and you seem to be taking credit for other people’s work.

Sorry to keep going after you but you’re riding on everybody’s coattails. Despite @nahidrumel constantly tagging you, some guy who only recently joined the forum. Where’s this team you’re working with and building?


just like that, i agree, i’m tired of reading this kind of stuff

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Yes, perhaps this is the best solution. In addition to burning, active development is needed.

What if we put funds to pay for a team that enforces the code?

Steal your money :grin:

They can’t burn what is not theirs. Binance owns like 2.2T coins, unless they actually burn them, that supply will stay… But on the contrary if they aren’t moving them, they are simply taken out of circulation, thus still creating supply and demand. I own myself like 43 million and I’m just a baby in comparison to others. In hindsight I do see a supply and demand becoming an issue in the near future that will actually boost the value.

Exchanges don’t have all they say they have. It took NDAX yesterday 12 hours to process my withdrawal to my station. If you have your LUNC on a small exchange, I would suggest taking it back sooner rather than later if these exchanges are going through tough times.

Dear Terra team when 1.2% tax when started

Couldn’t write a simple code for 8 days? I guess there is no software developer in the community.

Why don’t you follow the offer you approved, validators?

There’s a strange idleness.

The sad part is that they are making money from LUNC even though they are not interested.

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@Deathstar_Daddy the only way to share us you can be leading is reaching propourses with your team instead massive “spamming” about you.

What we need is people Who is able to Contact exchanges to Burn coins, devs Who add value to LUNC and the way to Contact stake/validators to give us a voice to LUNC holders demand.

If you are able to do all this , people will follow you. Results provide credibility.


#Burn #LUNC

No that’s not even close to reality. The reason one cannot “contact” the exchanges to burn is the fact that no one CAN speak on behalf of the chain. They will not talk to anyone who doesn’t have authority over the chain and even if they did speak with, there could be no action taken.

Until TFL is removed from the picture, that will will be very hard change.

That said I am NOT leading LUNC or want to. I DO want to work with a team and do my part in the rebuilding of it, and believe it can be a great token again. LUNC will become a Community governed token maintaind by a team. Its pretty simple really, but apparently also complicated.

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