Burn Then Fork

Clearly the community wants a burn and clearly Do Kwon wants a fork.

Why can’t we combine the two ideas

Why not do a burn down to a desired amount of tokens, let’s say a billion or even 10 billion for that matter THAN do the fork as stated in the most current proposal from Do.


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whose coins are going to be burned? yours? mine?

the fork depletes the supply whilst giving every holder of every composite currency in the ecosystem a % of the new unified currency.

Burning will take several years

It’s not that easy

But right now they are hardly burning anything… before we used to buy 5-20 Luna but now new investors own 1 million…

So it is not easy for everyone to give up. One way of doing it is by donating 80% of your coins to de ad wallet in exchange for burning … would you do that?

The bottom line is they cannot burn if there is no liquidity and whatever funds they have… they want to use it for new project. My old £17000 is now worth less than 400 whereas the new investors will invest in new Luna that may likely rise until they continue to HODL and one day sudden crash will empty their balance too… Luna 3 in 2024 May be

Did you take a look at this?

it’s on vote right now…

No kidding. Did you look at the allocation ratio? You’re going to get pennies on your dollar now after the value went down 99.99%. This idea is a joke

Yes, trust in numbers, so I wrote a program to calculate everything and compute projections. I’ve consequently lowered my cost of acquisition such that Luna 2 + Classic + UST need to have a combined market cap of 1.7bn within 2 years to break even. I am quite confident this can be achieved, regardless of which project does what.