Can Cex use tx fee to burn Luna?

I think the best way is to burn Luna continuously. One way to do it is to ask Cex like Binance to use a percentage of their trx fee to buy and burn Luna as a philanthropic action. I think CZ would be happy to contribute to the fix of the catastrophy.


The entire crypto community should stand in solidarity to save as many people as possible. We are on the same boat.


I believe burn tax is possible to implement on the CEX. Safemoon is a proof of that.

What do you guys think about this idea? Please share your opinion :smiley:

I don’t think CEXes will change it’s algorithms. But it is possible to change rules on the Terra blockchain.
I think the FORK is the worst decision now. Always will be a huge number of disappointed people and FUD.
LUNA token is folding very good now after hyperinflation stops. We will see even more support if you will announce new system rules with low LUNA burns, and stop attempts to dePEG UST in a short period of time.
I very much like this proposal from the HydraDX team