-_-Important-_- Do Kwon's thoughts about burning Luna

I think he is not against burning by taxes, he just thinks cexes are not going to allow it.

But I know that CZ stated that they are ready to help for anything. If so, why not directly ask this question to CZ. Are there anyone who is able to reach CZ?

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Just seen his replys on twitter and the thread where the burn wallet was mentioned, go and check his twitter replies

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Respectfully disagree with DK. Many CEXs have off-chain rewards programs. Kraken is the perfect example. The CEXs just need to extend their program to match the advertised burn fee rate. Not complex at all.


oh men you have no clue what do is saying

2 Weeks and he still dont even take calculator and checked some plans someone can guarantee
/proof DO its DO or not?

well he said it. he only own 0.1% so he doesn’t care what happens to it.

He must send that %0.1 to the burn address

Nope, is not enough him saying it. I wanna hear it from the exchanges. If CEXes say is not possible then, and only then, will I believe it.

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<Intelligence Alert! Warning Spoilers>

“Once the voting rate hits 50%, MEXC will utilize the actual trading fees from LUNA/USDT spot trading pairs to perform a secondary market buyback and proceed with LUNA burn.”


So, it is possible Do Kwon… That’s the proof. CZ said they are happy to help, why don’t you request this from binance too?


MEXC Global… start voting about burning taxes … CEX Market …

thats fine, there are still DEX’s. have the token removed from CEX’s, margin trading keeps the price down anyways. especially right now with everyone shorting it.

The individual holders have to do the burn. Set aside an investment amount of luna. Then we all need to purchase and burn as much Luna as we can. Do kwon didn’t cause this crash. It was a mass sell off of UST that inflated the supply. If we each burn $200 of the total supply we could actually get the supply down to less then a billion. 6.9 trillion Luna coins a million people burn a million coins each and the price could rise again.