Hi guys!
We are CAPAPULT our mission is to make Scandinavia run on Terra. We will make it easy to create a high yield savings account for non tech people.
We have come a long way with regulators and think we have a great chance to go mainstream. starting in Sweden.

We are searching for developers helping us create our vision. If you have what it takes please feel free to get back to me here in the thread or send me a mail [email protected]



Our first mission is to propose for SEK Stable Coin.


We are searching for developers for smart contracts and mobile app.

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Great project and great video!

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Just out of curiosity, why is the project called “Capapault”?

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Thanks for asking.

Its a play with the words capital and catapult.
Cap can also associate with a snow cap, that’s why the symbol off a mountain. But most of all it’s a brand we hope will stick to people’s mind :slight_smile:

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a per country playbook would be interesting to share/build. Certainly understand Step1 is a stable coin but is there a best practice for Step2/3/4.
For example is a key part of a playbook having a local chai-style payment system.


Just heard about this project on Delphi’s podcast with @dokwon from yesterday. What’s the status of this project?
I’m very interested in joining the project team if you have the need for an extra brain. I’m from Sweden myself based in SEA atm and have 8+ years experience in project management. No developer, but very able to see things through to launch. And also, on/off-ramps for UST/SET are the main objective to build out the Terra ecosystem and making use of its stablecoins, so fully in line with your vision! Cheers

It’s been a while!
Some updates where we are…
Our app is close to be called a MVP. And it’s beautiful! Our mission is to create a experience that will catch the mainstream savers. With as few click as possible you will start earn money. We will create a app that will be used as a daily routine for non crypto people as well as crypto people

We have worked a lot with local regulation experts and we are right now in a acceleration program pitching for local traditional investors.

Our landing site is up and running

About on/off ramp.
We are in discussions with local and actors abroad.

About the future.
Capapult 2.0 will be a full featured Neo bank.

And a sneak peak of the app you will find on our twitter. @Capapult