Community pool

I suggest that our community create a vote on the use of the community pool.
I propose to direct the public pool and all other financial resources to LUNC staking.
The public pool will be entirely staked until the end of the token burn period.
Funding for any necessary expenses must come from staking rewards.
The $4.5 million from Do Kwon’s secret wallet must also be channeled into LUNC’s staking.
At current exchange rates, $4.5 million equals approximately 4 billion LUNCs.
Right now, staking rewards won’t be very high - around $900,000 per year.
But it is enough for LUNC to grow 10 times and the rewards will also multiply and cover any necessary expenses.
So I ask the largest and most competent members of our community to organize this vote for the staking of the public pool.

Staking that amount of money would drastically reduce the APY of the rewards. I don’t see the point of staking community money. No proposal that is accepted could receive the money for funding since the money from the community is blocked.

At the moment, there are about 842 billion LUNKs staked.
If you add 5 or 10 billion LUNKs from the public pool to staking, then this will have almost no effect on the number of rewards.
Moreover, in any case, it is better to receive rewards for staking a public pool than not to receive them at all.And when the price of LUNK rises 10 times or more, the value of the reward for staking will be very large in dollar terms.

This pool must always be staked.Staking rewards will fund any necessary expenses.
When the price of the token rises in the future, the rewards will be very large.The pool is currently less than a billion.

My conclusions and calculations from three months:

  1. Incineration brought 10% of the expected effects
  2. Stacked longer is the best way to:
  • maintaining the current value
  • also ensures that the coins do not have a direct impact on the stock market (terra station - only) because they are in the chain.
  1. Practical management of these resources:
    a.) LUNAC promotion in media and CEX
    b.) Special offers for new Lunatics from LUNAC
    c.) Paying for the best projects

This is will revive the chain outside and in the chain itself, or give opportunities that will not be, on the single burn - all LUNAC now.

What coin to bet on? I bet on LUNAC, that’s why I am here and I will do everything in my power to work on my assets.

Paying for the best projects could be improved so that it does not discriminate one project against another, that it is fairer and helps small developers more

@Vendrugo - many thanks for your discussion, of course all project need a money but we talking about the best used community pool?

In recent days, many topics have appeared with plans to completely waste all the funds available to our community.But does a qualified and experienced owner put all his property up for sale?Doesn’t he care about increasing stocks in his warehouse?Are you so eager to leave the LUNC community without an accumulated pool?Are you eager to quickly spend the found 4 million dollars?How big will the rewards be if that $4 million, along with the community pool, is staked?I’ll tell you what the annual return will be.About 1 million dollars a year.Will $1 million a year be enough for you to develop the LUNC token?And when the price of the token increases several times, the annual yield will increase many times over.All the assets of our community, fully transferred to staking, will guarantee not only to save them, but also to increase them.And the income from staking will allow not only to revive the LUNC token, but also to develop it in every possible way.So again, I highly recommend that the entire community create a vote to move the public pool and any new staking revenue as a top priority.Also, any payments can be made only from staking rewards and only in LUNC tokens.

@pivo4et ~ Sounds inflationary… those staking rewards will likely come as newly minted Lunc unless activity on our chain increases (fees/taxes increase) at a higher rate… and I see no dev plans that will cause that… we need to burn the ETH wallet with the 4+million usd of ETH in it, burn all staking rewards (dividing the market cap into less Lunc ~ raising the value of each Lunc as rewards burn (value added)), and develop a stable core that attracts people. Once 10 billion is reached (if), after the core is developed better than the competitors cores, staking rewards can be collected again at an apr% equal to fees/taxes collected to stabilize things (with circuit breakers installed to prevent inflationary happenings).

On top of that all ~ how will we reduce the supply to 10 billion when people are holding more than 100 billion if the price starts raising? No one will want to let go of their stashes. This revival ending at 10 billion and a stable core is a seriously difficult task.

The staking reward is non-inflationary.
When LUNC is $1, I will fully sell all staking rewards.
When LUNC rises in price to $5, I will sell 80% of all my coins locked in staking.
And many others will do the same - sales will increase dramatically.


We should focus on building and burning, not profiting ~ we have a healthy community pool for development. All I see in this community is talks of profiting financially… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

These are two sides of the same coin.
They do not contradict each other, but rather complement each other.

@pivo4et ~ I should have explained ‘profiting’ better…

I understand that development and profiting are two sides of one coin ~ I also see a lack of people willing to invest their staking rewards (profit burning) (in addition to taxes paid on transactions) to get us to a 10 billion max supply… I see too much talk about how much :moneybag: people will get from the community funds for redeveloping the system (with no dev plans in place ~ and shared). There’s a lack of willingness to burn Lunc to decrease the division of the market cap. People want the profits without good designs (that will help us get to 10 billion and stabilize that 10 billion). Many people (not all but many) are focused on profits over the necessity for temporary loss (of profits because of staking reward burning and principal because of transaction taxation) to rebuild a collapsed system. What is lost to rebuilt (invested) should be returned in multitude (if we redesign properly)… We need a solid plan to attract people to build dapps and increase activities that burn more staking rewards and generate more fee/tax revenue that a portion of can be burned and another portion of can be put into the community pool…

We need to convert the 4+million $ of ETH the community owns to Lunc and burn it all and use our healthy community pool to install the appropriate circuit breakers {to prevent what caused the collapse} and slowly move back to a stable and valuable ecosystem…

Staking rewards being collected in an ecosystem with little activity (fee/tax revenue) will introduce new units into circulation (inflation). That result is a result of putting profits ahead of progress (which sometimes costs time and energy with no return ~ for a moment).

I think now is not the time to sell. Since we are in crypto winter

@Vendrugo ~ If ETH rises and Lunc doesn’t in the ‘crypto-spring’ then you are right.

If ETH and Lunc rise together in the spring ~ then now is as good as anytime to convert the ETH to Lunc and burn it all…

If Lunc rises at a higher rate than ETH (in the spring) then you are wrong.

It’s always a shot in the dark to determine what a community will do and who will all flock there (or away) because of what they did.

@pivo4et ~ Profiting comes without focus on profiting, it comes from focus on development. Those who focus solely on profiting do nothing for development - people who make plans to dev-plan after they get paid (lots of that happening now in our community).

Stay vigilant and wise to the scams.

The awards for the public pool steiling will allow you to finance any necessary developments for the Lunc network very well.


Again, I highly recommend that you move the public pool and any other financial proceeds to staking before the token burn ends.Staking rewards will allow you to fund any developments and projects of our community without restrictions.I ask the validators to create a vote on this proposal.