Implement new Community/Charity Staking

Hi people,
as I see many of you are trying to save luna and the community and I think the majority of you is willing to take up the fight, stay with this chain and agrees that we must burn luna.

So my proposal:
Since we have tons of lunas that cant be staked (for a good reason) and many people, who have been financially harmed we should try to help us all.

We implement a new/second form of staking, WITHOUT Voting-Rights. Every Reward that is generated from this staking will be automatically transferred to the community pool, lunas getting burned in the process. So we would burn Luna, and do something for the cummunity. These funds could then be used compensate for losses or any other way to help the community.

The original staking of course stays parallel to it in action.

Only problem for me: I cant implement this and I don’t know what must be done exactly to bring this into action, but I’m pretty sure that would be a way to help all of us, without forcing anybody to do or accept something. It’s just for people willing to give something.

So if the IT-Specialists of Terra can build this, I’m willing to stake my overflow-Lunas in there.

What do you think?

Why are we generating value out of thin air again? Where does the value of the rewards from staking come from? What is the motivation of your proposal? What does it bring? Why would an IT professional take the time to implement your BS? This is just nonsense.

why from thin air? its the rewards that you would be getting normally. the lunas and stablecoins you receive for your normal staking. But instead of keeping them, sending them to community pool

and to clearify it again, it’s not about replacing the normal staking. it’s an additional staking form, that benefits community and brings the many additional lunas to action without danger of hostile takeover