Create Development Pool - Initial Funding of 500,000 USTC from Community Pool

A development pool is needed to assure the community and developers of our commitment to build and maintain Terra Luna Classic. I propose an initial funding of 500,000 USTC from the community pool or roughly $8,000 USD at todays price.

The future funding and spending of the development pool will be controlled by community vote. The creation of the pool is merely a good faith gesture to those on the inside and outside we intend to fund maintenance and future development.

We already have EK grants program. And better use lunc, more than 1 billion in community pool (much more).

The funds in the grant are not visible to those outside the community. A newcomer will askā€¦ how are they paying to maintain and build.

This proposal was made before TR put in a proposal for 750k LUNA for previous work on the chain. My intention for this pool was to assure devs they would eventually get paid via the community. This proposal is no longer need ATM. Please vote NO or Abstain.

No if you want go donate to