Create New Development Pool and Allocate all USTC from Community Pool Burn Credits

Create a development pool immediately to assure the community of our commitment to build new utility. All USTC currently held in thecommunity pool and subsequent burns credited will be assigned to the development pool. At current burn rates and USTC rate this equates to roughly $2,500 USD per month.

I believe the inability of the community to make some progress on a development fund is making some holders lose faith in the long term viability of LUNC. The simple act of creating a development pool now and assigning our USTC is a small gesture that will build confidence. The future funding and spending of the development pool can continue to be debated, but will put many at east that some progress is being made!

Also, should our goal of repegging USTC be successful the assignment of USTC is huge incentive for the developers to make it happen!

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Bad idea

Why? Can you please expand. What do you suggest?

burn pool and inactive big wallets and old team wallets first checking

check this stole

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What does that have to do with creating a development pool that community still votes how the money is spent? This is merely a good faith gesture.

OK, but what Iā€™m proposing here has nothing to do with other bad actors. A development fund will still be controlled by community vote. It is a good faith gesture to those who are volunteering ATM.