CZ_Binance BNB/BUSD like Lunc/Ustc

There is only one way to revive the Lunc - and this way is to connect the binance team and CZ_Binance to the revival - Lunc.
cz_binance regards the Lunc positively, but very negatively towards the Terra-Rebels.
Because instead of resurrecting, the Terra Rebels were busy destroying what was left of the Lunc’s durability.
Perhaps, I say again only perhaps, Terra Rebels are well versed in programming, but in the financial spectrum they showed themselves from a very negative side. As far as I understand, they do not even understand what they are doing and what harm they have already done.

In any other case, Lunk is doomed to depreciation in view of the money being pumped-dumped out by traders.
Traders will simply destroy all the money that people will deposit.
You may not agree with me, but you will remember my words at a price of 0.00005

My advice, if anyone has contacts with CZ_Binance, is to negotiate to try to restore the coin - before it’s too late…
After the price 0.00015-0.0001 the point of death will begin.

And also I want to remind you that - CZ_Binance has a similar pair BNB/BUSD . And He have a huge experience of how and how much to burn in order to benefit trading pairs.


“After the price 0.00015-0.0001 the point of death will begin” - lunc price is not important for a working system today. Important repeg (ustc burns) and restore applications, utility.

Unfortunately you are wrong from an economic point of view. Every token has a point of no return, which means there is a panic sale after that.
Can you tell me now the true price of the Lunc?

If the price goes down that much it is profitable to be burned :joy:

If we enlist the help of Binance and carry out a normal burn, then yes, at this moment this is only one way out of a critical situation

CZ is a big supporter of what @ek826 and @Zaradar have done for this project… it’s true there has been some loss of momentum. But in life sometimes it’s one step forward two steps back.

As long as Binance supports the Terra Classic project whether it’s Terra Rebels or another group… as long as the passion remains and the bad actors are marginalised from having too much of a say in this project the project will be fine.

People are beginning to see the cracks and doing something about it now…

Some people need to learn the rules of engagement and business before their given too much power…

I hope the community see and remove the bad actors soon… and allow the good actors to flourish :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

No, CZ-Binance supported burning, but not the opening of an oracle with gigantic percentages!
1 - should have been burning
2 - new validators
and only 3rd must be open oracle
who must pay from oracle - 376 405 134 179 or 377 billions?

We agree! We need a positive and honest relationship with CZ! The Neblio deal did a lot of damage on TR’s reputation. We should only follow the community leaders who are honest and transparent! That is very hard due to shady and secret deals!

Binance is now centralized and cooperates with jp morgan, which is serious business. However, this is not the most important thing. CEO Binace owes LUNA a fortune, and in fact it owes it to TR. I will say one thing, he is a man who likes to earn - it shows, but has no business morality - jp morgan. Every business with them must be secured, because they will not stop at nothing to … Destroy everyone who is WEAK for profit. It was the same with LUNAC - they were the first to withdraw, they could support. Therefore, I recommend caution. True, we need Binance, but Binance needs LUNA for a profit of ~ - $ 400,000,000 a year.
Currently, 55,000 BTC has been withdrawn from Binace for the above reasons.
Binance will think about the topic, because he sees what is happening with POLYGON, it will be a CRYPTO explosion. I hope LUNAC will join - they are the same programmers.

I highly doubt there is only one way to revive TC…

CEXs are never friend of anyone. Trust them and there will be a price to pay.

Only way for them to stick around with us, is to create values to our chain.

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Exchanges will always do what is in the best interest of the exchange. END OF STORY! Their goals may align with the LUNC community’s goals for a while but the moment those goals diverge you lose the exchange. LUNC needs to stand on its own and show value. Making decision because we think that CZ will like them or blindly following what you think he wants is really no different than letting Do Kwon back in the door where one person has too much power. I am not saying CZ is bad actor or devious, he is a very smart man, but in the end CZ will always do what is best for Binance which may not be what is best for LUNC.

One thing to keep in mind is that only Cz-Binance can do this.

And in my opinion, he can help with devaluation. Yes, not the fact that he will do it, but it is worth solving this problem.

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