Developer and trustful source says old $LUNAC will most likely be burnt on the chain itself

Here, he was even retweeted by terra money own twitter, so he should be sourceful.


What does this mean exactly?

He only just realised after publicly posting he would support Do illegal new proposal. They are removing the product / project value out from behind Luna all while letting it still trade - hundreds of millions of more money devalued by their plotting behind the scenes.

All the validators builders who vote with Do need legal advice. Accessory to a crime of fraud is what is playing out for them

And the exchanges let it happen…

Seems he interpreted ‘fork’ as updated code rather that new version with new tokens entirely.

A fork means that you share the blockchain of the original chain you forked from and then you start producing your own blocks (like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash which share same blocks up to the fork).

But what he says is that the new Terra doesn’t do this, it starts from genesis and block 0 basically with no shared history with existing Terra.

At the end of this story, do kwon will arrest.