Stablechen has said twice today $luna/c supply will be burned

will chen :new_moon::earth_americas::arrow_right::earth_americas::waxing_crescent_moon: on Twitter: “Don’t know why people think a “fork” equals no burn. The two are not incompatible.” / Twitter

(1) will chen :new_moon::earth_americas::arrow_right::earth_americas::waxing_crescent_moon: on Twitter: “I just realized @terra_money v2 is NOT a “fork”. It’s a brand new network, with fresh state, no market, treasury, oracle modules and WASM state. Terra Classic will probably burn $LUNC, and the rebirthed Terra provides a positive future for $LUNA.” / Twitter

get your $luna tokens while you can hehe

I don’t know why the team has not yet started burning.
$UST is trading at 0.09 and $LUNA at 0.0019

At this point doesn’t matter the supply, as far as it’s stable.
It’s a bit revolting that the governance controls the decentralized network with a fraction of the votes. This isn’t neither protecting from a 51% attack, it’s protecting from a 0.0051% attack.


he has nothing to say as he is not related to terra anymore

Apparently they have been burning, as seen on the wormhole bsc supply PooCoin BSC Charts

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NO, he’s said it PROBABLY will be burned. He only just realised it was a whole new chain. He is part of the inner circle creating confusion, knowing he is looked after and being made whole with the pre-drop snapshot.

There is no evidence of anything other than Do’s illegal remove all value from current LUNA and put it under a new chain/token.

He’s just bs. Nothing is promised until it’s voted for, yet their proposal doesn’t involve burning at all.

That is a only strategy for you guys vote for fork,otherwise,it is cheating!