DEX exchange and order limits

It would be good to have order limits on Terraswap and Astroport. An exchange decentralized such as Binance Dex or Spookyswap.

I really hope someone from the team can help me in some way as Im at the point of depsair. Lost my life savings down from $100k+ to $4,700 with LUNA and ANC. Have a debt of $45,000, and a monthly income of $290 (In Sri Lanka). Wrote an article about my situation with LUNA and ANC post-crash. If anyone can spare a few minutes to read, share, and provide some hope in any way please please reach out to me at @etchpea on Twitter, I will send you the link.

Don’t be delusional, you’re going to get a refund of 1 almighty dollar for all that amount you spent, and that’s if you’re lucky. I spent $100k too and I’m probably going to be refunded with 1 dollar. It’s over