Distribute the $4M in Off-Chain Community Assets Towards LUNC’s Revitalization [v2]

I never proposed to fund TR

so either you didnt read either of my proposals (likely) and/or you’re a fudding sock puppet (guaranteed)


thx for joining 3 days ago while trying to conceal your twitter name btw

I think it is waste, if we use $4 million to burning Lunc, it will not enough get 10 billion total supply Lunc, Lunc ecosystem only get high value when we have high utility (many dapps on layer 2), and web 3 will be developed, by the time, more and more blockchains will be created, why investors and dapps chose them?

Not even V4 would convince me :sweat_smile:

@Hoa_Nguy_n_Dinh ~ by burning that supply (4.1$million worth of Lunc - or whatever the value is) the market cap will then after be divided into less units making each unit worth more… so, you are wrong that it’s a waste.