Distribute the $4M in Off-Chain Community Assets Towards LUNC’s Revitalization [v3]

I cannot see it in your screenshot, I believe you are looking a different one. To be sure - The hidden proposal is proposal ID 10936

This now hidden proposal was whitelisted some time ago, it has gathered enough votes to pass and has been hidden for the past 24 hours plus.

You can only find it if you remember the link. It’s intent fully contradicts this distribution proposal defining these funds to be sent to the community pool. It will pass although hidden. Will the result be hidden too?

Prop10936 is in view right under the heist prop10940.

10936 wants the funds from the ETH wallet to be converted into Lunc and put in the community pool for future distribution.

10940 wants to hand the funds out without providing the necessary details required to justify the handouts.

I want to convert the ETH to Lunc and burn it all, resulting in a lesser division of the market cap… if that burn won’t happen, prop10936 is next best. Prop10940 is a heist of the funds!

Lunc hasn’t been fixed yet! Other than validators validating (and getting rewarded for it) and the burn tax being implemented, nothing worth 30% of multi-millions was done! As of now, nothing ‘new’ has been done here to fix what caused the collapse…

Here is an example of ‘new’ ~

Please don’t ‘shalom’ me you hateful and divisive person.
You sit there and pontificate as if you are some sort of godly judge but are no more than a viper.
Shalom is meant to inspire peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility, but your words inspire none of those.

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I see three of the validators I stake LUNC with have voted yes to this proposal promoting prejudice and isolation of a community member who has different views to many including myself - Interstellar Lounge (10m LUNC), Stakebin (5m LUNC) and Stakin.com (10m LUNC).
I will be redelegating those LUNC coins to other validators who support a community that is inclusive of people with different view points.


Vegas, Onyx - stronger supporters 1.0.

When you go to the next page, the next proposal does not appear. :sweat_smile:

Both props appear as they should on the mobile station.

This is definitely a Terra Station bug then. There is no possible way for anyone to purposely push a prop off the governance voting list.

Please put up a bounty for this.

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Shalom! :pray:

Hello Community. Good morning, afternoon, evening to all. :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

I would like to share with you, some interesting points of this elapsed time. :writing_hand:

1. As I said from the beginning. The truth always pushes to come out into the light. :sunny: :man_in_lotus_position:

All this that is happening thanks to “Rabbi” and his people is fantastic for the community. What do I mean by this? That if it were not for this misleading and ill-intentioned proposal, today, we would believe that all validators are noble and that the community (as a whole) should not pay much attention to the proposals presented here, “because that’s what those in the know are for”. Two fallacies that are falling apart. Thanks to the presentation of this proposal (which was presented in parallel with others) and the emergence, from it, of a greater awareness of such fallacies.

We now know that not all validators are the same and pursue the same interests in favor of the community, and that each of us as a community must do our bit and read each proposal in every detail. And verify for ourselves, that everything follows a natural course of legality, honesty and full benefit to the community. And to make our voice heard, not giving our support to those proposals that move away from these goals in pursuit of the common good.

Today we are waking up in this sense. This is a great point to celebrate. :tada: :tada: :tada:

2. Each one in his own time became aware of this great deception. From different points. As for example:

A- The appropriation of names of teams and people, for the realization of discretionary purposes and the achievement of their individual objectives. That are far from the common welfare. As transparency, in the future use of funds (they refused to give details of what was going to be done with those funds), honesty, in an adequate distribution of funds (they refused to remove TR and Alex as part of the distribution) and kindness and respect, in responding to the different concerns of members of this precious community (they constantly attacked those who thought differently and allocated part of the funds to “compensate the dismissal” of a member of this community -because he does not like what he thinks-). As demonstrated above.

B- Discrimination, fascism and mockery of those who think differently. As has been demonstrated throughout the comments in versions V1, V2 and this V3.

C- Extortion and blackmail to silence the voice of a recognized person of our beloved Community, as is the case of Alex.

D- The use of a “fictitious support” from the beginning. With a group of followers “supporting” because they are part of this great show. They wanted to take us for fools. The proof of this is that almost none of those who supported at the beginning came out to defend the proposals with solid arguments after many debates. Check and you will not find them. Only some of them, attacking those who had a different opinion. This means that they let the main speaker “Rabbi” do the job of defending and answering the answers. That is perhaps, because he is the “most skilled” with words. As it has been shown throughout this proposal, isn’t it?

E- Misleading the community by saying:

and then in version 2 and this last one they only added legal clauses for very specific purposes that NOBODY IN THE COMMUNITY ASKED FOR. Only to block future proposals for 6 months and ensure the collection of funds as compensation. And many other things to cover their backs.

F- Mislead by saying that they will make “good use of community funds”, when they add a clause that if the funds are rejected (as TR and Alex anticipated) the funds go to a private bank account.

Why then, did they not want to send these rejected funds directly to the community fund, instead of depositing them in a bank account for an indefinite period of time? To favor the community? What do they think?

G- And as a last point, putting up a religious façade (Shalom!), with supposedly noble purposes towards the community, as part of a “team of great personalities” of Israel’s Septuagenarian Crypto-Enthusiasts Club. Loaded with traits of constant manipulation, attacks and conversational deviations, in the different topics consulted in the comments, which were made by several actors of this precious community.

3. Finally, the awakening of the community and the of some validators who changed their vote, as a result of becoming aware of the points mentioned above. Here are some examples:

Finally, part of the community voted.

Thank you all for this great awakening as a community. Let’s move forward united and attentive, so that this type of manipulations and deceptions, never reach their proposed malicious purposes. :face_with_monocle: :eyes:

Thank you Community. Thank you “Rabbi” and team for helping us to this great awakening. :man_in_lotus_position:

Good life to all !!! :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


Thanks for the thread bump, keep 'em coming! :smiley:

Shalom! :pray:

Hello, I would like the individuals that were saying TR and Rabbi were working together to block Vegas prop on Terra Station to please apologize and realize it was a bug. Thank you

Well said AlephA.

Let the truth always be revealed.

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At least try to be a bit less obvious with your sockpuppets.

Shalom! :pray:

It’s not sockpuppeting to simply agree with another community member.

Why don’t you post your LinkedIn instead of hiding behind your lies?

You have zero credibility right now.


I know I am only one person among the many, and I recognize that each person acts as they believe best. I realize that we each have been fighting for a system where we each are part of it’s Governance. By making this suggestion, I do not mean to infringe on anyone’s passion behind conviction. I am truly thankful, as one person among each of you all, getting to work along side of you, for all that each person has done, and is doing, and is still yet to do, in engaging in this topic (I certainly am thankful where people stand up for what is right and good). With that said, I would like to continue to suggest that even where we may strongly disagree, or others bait us (and I realize that probably applies to people on both sides of this issue), that we still engage courteously, and treat others the way we would like to be treated, while still upholding conviction, being honest, and engaging people on the merits. I know that I have been baited along the way, and in my firmness, and tiredness, I have not always responded as I would have liked to. I am really thankful for each of you who are working to protect Governance with conviction, and with honesty, as I try to do the same along side you. I am humbled, and consider myself privileged that I get to work along side of each of you, even where, for some of you, we may sometimes see things differently, and for others of you, we may not. I hope that you each have a great day today :slight_smile:

I agree with what you say here, of to be united in spite of the differences. We all deserve mutual respect and support. But trying not to abuse the trust of others or good treatment. Nor proposing things of dubious transparency. :writing_hand:

A man with truly good intentions will follow these principles, which are very simple for any of us. :man_in_lotus_position:

Does not attack, but tolerates.

Does not mock others, but respects them.

He does not try to deceive them, but offers himself to the service of the common good.

He does not generate discord or hatred among people, but will watch over the harmony and union of the group.

He will accept different points of view, because they are all valuable.

:seedling: Under these simple principles, the community can debate its differences and always remain united.

Then, each one of us will contribute and understand the others, who will have different points of view on how to carry out the actions in the community.

But having the same heart to always seek the common good. And not only the individual benefit.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns.

Good life to all! :sunny:
Namaste! :pray:

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