Do Kwon gave burn address

Your joking right?

Mexc is going to burn luna. Maybe they are implementing additional tax to burn just like community’s wishes

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would you like some fries with all that salt :joy:

If you genuinely have nothing more to contribute to Luna than verbal abuse, just sell and leave. Read the room, everyone else is trying to find ways forward.


I think its bugged, there is somewhere in the post section and in the reddit mentioned other website where you can look up for that burn address.

Form alliance to ask CZ binance to fundraising for luna burning once fund reaches $200 Million he will buy luna and burn at the time



An update occurred this morning that broke the display of burn addresses. A fix will be released soon.


Thanks for the update!

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I own 500,000 luna. I’ll keep that. If we want the price to go up. We have to do the burn ourselves. So I’ll start. I will burn $200 worth of luna every month. If enough holders do this we can bring the price back up.


Good initiative! I hope it could be a great example…


do you know when we can check burn address ? thank

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My issue with community burns is this.

In theory, If everyone burns coins and the same amount, it’s literally a wash. Like when a publicly traded company does a reverse stock split. The end result is the marketcap is the same just less shares. Sure the shares increased in value but the end value is the same.

Reality is we have great members of the community like yourself burning thier money, while the big whales continue to hold. All your successfully doing is loosing money and helping the rich whales get richer.

We need a burn plan which I have.


Maybe they have a plan… buyback and burn will cost around a billion dollars… maybe they’ve figured out a way to make profit… it is important to keep in mind that mayn’t increase the price much… market makers know the technique to buy without creating pump.

Anyone here know why the burn address seems to have disappeared? Was here at 4:30 am Eastern time, but now doesn’t pull up at all.

hey tiago, i just burned a million for you, no worries i still have 700 million :*

Binance should do a tax burn also…

Biggest trading platform for Luna.


Add a 0 your maths is wrong

Now the total supply is decreasing! Yesterday no but now it’s good, you can see it here by refreshing the page every 3-4 minutes:
Its the official website…

Go burn burn burn! terra1sk06e3dyexuq4shw77y3dsv480xv42mq73anxu

Is Circulating Supply the same?? I didn’t understand.