Error when posting a proposal on Station

I tried 2 times to post a proposal on Station and got an Error message? It still charged me a fee of just over 1 Luna.

This is the message I get.

I appreciate any help on getting this error resolved,

Thank you

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Thank you for approving this post. Hopefully we can resolve it soon so I can post my proposal.

Also is it a good idea to post it as a paramiter change rather than text?

@alagiz @AtoZ could you please help here.

Any luck with the error? I would keep trying but it still takes the fee each attempt so!!!

Does this have anything to do with the guy proposal spamming his link over and over again?

I managed to post it, I have a feeling that the problem was related to the spammer there as I waited 1 hour after he stopped and it got through. Unless it was a coincidence lol.

Hopefully I can get some help whitelisting it quickly so it appears on the main page.

Thank you again. :blush:

Also I put it in as a text proposal as I don’t think this plan can be set as a paramiter change. Am I correct???

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Just following up if someone can help me get my plan Whitelisted. We have a limited timeframe as the vote is only 7 days and it’s already been a day.

I appreciate all the help you guys give.

Thank you

@alagiz if you are able to assist with this it would be appreciated. I tried to set up a pull request but it didn’t work and now I don’t see it.

Time is of the essence so appreciate anything you can do to help speed it up.

Also is this new domain the perminent one? Or will the other board come back online? All the exterior links that were pointed to the plans on Station are now broken.