Question regarding a proposal on Terra Station

I appreciate all your help through these difficult times.

I am trying to have my proposal voted on but it is not on the main page. I am wondering if there was something I set wrong on the proposed plan? How can I either get it moved to the main page or do I have to re submit it?

It is plan 1866

Thank you again.

hey man, you can follow the procedure described here to get your proposal whitelisted

basically you’ll need to create a pull request to update this file assets/proposals.json at master · terra-money/assets · GitHub

Thank you. I am trying to request one but I am waiting on my email verification to be sent so I can verify my account. So far it’s not coming in.

Is there not a faster way? I understand the reason behind this and not upset with needing to verify a legitamate proposal in any way. It’s just that this causing more time erosion on the proposal 7 day limit.


you mean verification email from github? hm, usually it’s near instant.
let’s wait a bit more, if they don’t verify your account within an hour - i’ll create the pull request for your proposal from my github account.

Yes. I also re requested it from Git-Hub. Not sure if its on my end though. Checking all in boxes.

If you do not mind can you do the pull request. I am actually about to go on the road so won’t be able to even monitor it for a little while. I really appreciate this offer.

Thank you


Thank you. Much appreciated

Hopefully it doesn’t take long.

no worries, it is whitelisted now.

Thank you, you’re the best.

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